And Then There Were Ten

We’re getting close to somebody becoming the next American Idol and putting out a record. So, where I’m at now is discerning who sounds most like their own artist. While I am grading the quality of the performances, I‘m also factoring in whose performances I would intentionally choose to download, stream, or YouTube long after... Continue Reading →

An Idol Alum Steals the Show

The Missing Mean Judge came ready for Idol Sunday night. On returning home from receiving my second COVID booster, I found the local public radio station playing some Barbra Streisand. Streisand - with her supremely exquisite tone. Streisand - with pitch so perfect, it’s as if she invented the musical scale. Streisand - delivering lyrics... Continue Reading →

Top 16: Cue Early Outrage

Ryan started tonight with so much math that I lost track, and I’m good at math. Good thing he used visuals, which I typically don’t need. This blog will follow the way Monday night’s show was organized. The Top 10 Idolists will be designated based on the votes. There is a Danger-zoned category for the... Continue Reading →

The Top 20: A Tale of Two Shows

Three hours. Three hours to eliminate three Idolists. That’s a lot of Idol, even for me. In response to my complaining about this, a friend and loyal follower of these Musings asked me, “What else do you have to do?” Uh, listen to actual music? Watch the NBA Playoffs?[1] Tonight was a tale of two... Continue Reading →

When You Wish Upon (an Idol) Star, Part 2

Several themes emerged for me from tonight’s second round of Idolists performing for our votes. The most evident theme was originality and risk-taking. This was not your usual Idol Does Karaoke night. The performers took familiar songs and arranged them in unique ways. Because of that, you’ll see a lot of B grades from me... Continue Reading →

When You Wish Upon (an Idol) Star, Part 1

For two nights, the Idolists are performing for our votes at (promotional considerations paid by) the Disney Aulani Resort in Hawaii. Nothing says entertainment like Disney, so it's appropriate that Idol choose a Disney venue to find out who among the Top 24 is ready to entertain us. Every season I look forward to seeing... Continue Reading →

Judgement Day

59 Idolists survived Hollywood Week to come to Judgement Day. Thirty-five of them were found wanting. The other 24 got some sort of speech by the judges leaving them to think they weren’t going to make the cut, either. To quote Anderson .Paak, after collecting his fourth award at Sunday’s Grammys, “[I am] really trying... Continue Reading →

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