Wrong Winner. Again.

Yes. After three hours or 180 minutes or 10, 800 seconds or 1.08e+13 nanoseconds – however you want to count it - we find out that for the fiftyleventh time, the wrong person won American Idol. Wrong, but utterly predictable from the moment that the judges made Laine audition so many weeks ago when he... Continue Reading →

Idol? Or un-Idol?

I’m cutting to the chase – the judges have given out WAY TOO MANY standing ovations this year. Oh. The other chase is that Alejandro and Laci Kaye need to be in The Finale. And Alejandro needs to win. Oh. Laci Kaye didn’t make The Finale. This show makes me nuts. “That was a complete... Continue Reading →

Wha’ Happ’ned???

Uh, #WOW and Oh Em Gee. Like Katy Perry, I didn’t see that coming. Wade and Madison (in particular) have consistently been the bottom vote-getters when there were even more Idolists in the competition. What changed that suddenly put early darlings Laci Kaye and Jeremiah into the bottom with only six left?[1] This put the... Continue Reading →

Idol Throwback

It was a throwback night in the Linder household. With My Daughter Diandra (MDD) here for a visit, it was like the old days of the family gathering 'round the TV for a night of American Idol. Gone was the Omnipotent Idol Clipboard upon which MDD used to make her critical notations (e.g. “GO! LEAVE! DEATH! DESTRUCTION!”)... Continue Reading →

Where Are We Now?

We have a final eight. Other than that, where are we now? Before I answer that question, allow me a few musings. I began tonight with a problem. Last night I saw the New Zealand electropop duo Broods in concert. After six years together, they’re now seasoned performers headlining shows in well-known smaller clubs while... Continue Reading →

The First Votes Are In. Were They Right?

One would think if you’re showcasing America’s favorites among THE GREATEST TALENT EVER ASSEMBLED IN THE HISTORY OF MODERN CIVILIZATION then the production quality of said showcase would have matched that of the alleged said talent. Instead we had to endure the most plodding, most awkward and, at times, most clumsily amateurish episode of Idol... Continue Reading →

Who’s In It to Win the Voters?

I had a moment of self-awareness tonight[1]. I’ve typically thought of my Idol viewing as filling two wannabe roles: music biz professional looking to sign hitmaking pop talent and music critic. And I’ve typically thought of myself as filling those roles quite exceptionally. 🙂 But tonight, I realized I’ve long played a third role that... Continue Reading →

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