Three Talented Teens and a Pastor’s Kid

[The following rant has been edited for length.] TOO MANY SAD/INSPIRATIONAL STORIES!!! IT’S A SINGING COMPETITION (insert bad word here with an exclamation point!), NOT A HALLMARK CARD! Thankfully, tonight’s auditions closed with a rush. I had noted a few decent Idolists early on - Laine Hardy[1], Nate Walker, Riley Tucker, Clay Page – and... Continue Reading →

Too Good for Idol?

SOME OF THE MOST SPECTACULAR TALENT WE’VE EVER HEARD! AWE-INSPIRING PERFORMANCES!! THE GREATEST AUDITION IDOL HAS EVER SEEN!!! ONE OF THE MOST COMPELLING AUDITIONS EVER!!!! Not that it takes much, anyway, but nothing like a little insanely over the top hyperbole to animate my inner Simon Cowell. I was ready to hate everybody. Have we... Continue Reading →

Idol’s Back and So Am I

After all of these years my favorite phrase on television is still, “YOU’RE GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!!” Well, that and when Chris Harrison tells some broken-hearted loser on The Bachelor/Bachelorette, “[Name of broken-hearted loser] I’m sorry. Take a moment. Say your goodbyes.” The excitement of the Idolists when they get that Golden Ticket, the knowledge that... Continue Reading →

We Have a (the right) New Idol!!!

Relief. Happiness. Validation. Not only did we get the right winner but we got an incredibly sweet and joyous ending. I admit I got quite a jolt when Kieran dimmed the lights and Ryan announced that My Girl Gabby was not going to be in the Final Twosome which we later learned should have been... Continue Reading →

I Have My Winner!

WAIT! WHAT?? STEVE PERRY CAME OUT OF SECLUSION TO MAKE AN APPEARANCE ON IDOL???? You can literally – literal literally not slang hyperbole literally – count on your hands the number of his public appearances IN A DECADE. Not only that, he provided the critique to My Girl Gabby’s rendition of the classic Don’t Stop... Continue Reading →

Miscellaneous Mid-Week Musings

This post is basically an excuse to alert those of you who stay up late enough after the show to get the Musings when they are hot and fresh, you may not want to do that this Sunday. My Idols, Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors, have a big playoff game at the same... Continue Reading →

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