And Iam Is the One

First, shoutout to My Daughter Cassandra (MDC) for her college graduation that I was busy attending, which was why I was not busy attending the Idol Finale. It’s a rather ironic circumstance that I neglected the first rule of test-taking taught by professors everywhere: when in doubt, stick with your first guess. Which is why... Continue Reading →

Musings on the Idol Finale

Hmmmm . . . last season the Idol Final Three was a young country guy, a young country girl, and a large male of color with a buttery voice and a soft personality. This season the Idol Final Three are a young country guy, a young country girl, and a large male of color with... Continue Reading →

And Then There Were (the wrong) Three

I came into what is, in effect, Idol’s Disney Night semifinal round Sunday night with two vital concerns. First, what would my level of enthusiasm be after spending over eight hours this week[1] watching the world’s greatest music competition – the glorious annual global spectacle that is the Eurovision Song Contest? Idol can’t compare with... Continue Reading →

And Then There Were Five

I must admit that I didn’t have “newly coronated King and Queen of England appearing live on American Idol” on my Idol drinking game card. And can’t say I ever foresaw a day when Alanis Morrissette and Ed Sheeran would simultaneously occupy an American Idol judges' table. They both played the role of benevolent sages... Continue Reading →

Whither We´Ani?

Ahead of tonight’s big cuts where we will lose three of the remaining eight Idolists (approx. 40% for the math-inclined like me), I want to write a bit about My Girl We´Ani. I am choosing to believe in a conspiracy theory of my own making, which is that the Evil Genius Producers (EGPs) are tired... Continue Reading →

Down to Seven. Or Eight.

Monday Night was Judges Choice where the judges pick three options and the Idolist decides on the one they want. I like this. The judges used their judgment in terms of what kinds of songs will best help the Idolist to compete but the ultimate decision belongs to the Idolist. It simulates the real world... Continue Reading →

And Then There Were Ten

What a day to be alive. First, I got to see My Boy Steph Curry drop a 50-piece in a Game 7 NBA playoff game. And then My Boy Adam Lambert is a guest mentor and performer[1] on Idol. As to Sunday’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame celebration, for a group of Idolists that... Continue Reading →

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