Let’s Get Serious

With Tuesday night’s finale still in front of us, this past Tuesday’s episode felt very much like the two warm-up bands before the headliner act we’re excitedly waiting for. The first hour or so was much like many first warm-up bands in that there was very little worth paying attention to[1]. Therefore, I’m moving on... Continue Reading →

Resolution Time

With just three episodes remaining, it’s time for the producers to wind down the season by winding up the relationships. We – the faithful viewers – need to know who came for a summer fling and who came for a summer ring. Here’s how five of our couples fared tonight. Livin’ On a Prayer (Bon... Continue Reading →

Your Labor Day Paradise Playlist

Here is your soundtrack to tonight's summary of Paradise. It’s Not Over Daughtry – Right on the heels of Nicole saying about her and Clay, “Nothing can ruin what we have”, Angela comes down the Paradise steps to ruin what she has. To Tell the Truth Derek and the Dominos – JPJ confronts Derek with “facts”... Continue Reading →

Peak Paradise

[cue Ozzy Osbourne Crazy Train] After devoting an episode to serious social matters, this week Paradise returned to what I love: mass levels of mayhem and ridiculiciousness - with a side of hot, buttered mess chased down by generous quantities of inanity. The side of hot, buttered mess was Tahzjuan who provided us with a... Continue Reading →

My Queen Makes a Decision

As always, Paradise Tuesday night provided plenty of things to poke fun at. With the arrival of foxy Jen, Blake has met enough girls at Stagecoach to form the world’s hottest basketball team. And Kristen transformed into the Spawn of Satan. But the night clearly belonged to My Queen Demi and Bachelor Nation’s collective night... Continue Reading →

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