Paradise Reunion: No Time Left for You

It seems that Bachelor Nation was less than enthused (which could be overstating their collective reaction) with the Paradise Finale. I felt likewise and here’s why. First, let’s do some math. A two-hour show gives us around 85 minutes of content[1]. From that, let’s delete the following: Johnny and Victoria’s engagement story – 10 minutes... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, Paradise

Finally, it is over. We can say "ciao" to THE MOST DRAMATIC SEASON OF PARADISE EVER, which in retrospect it probably was but I’m not saying that was a good thing. While we come to expect a certain amount of relational chaos and emotional carnage, in the future I hope the Evil Genius Producers (EGPs)... Continue Reading →

Careening to the Finish

As I enter this season of giving thanks, one of the things I am thankful for is that there is only one more week of Paradise. Two episodes left and the last one appears to contain an Everybody Tells All segment which could be a lot of fun. Finally, it will be revealed what all... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Connections

I spent Monday/Election Night pondering the state of our nation while pondering my Musings on Bachelor in Paradise. Not sure how I’m feeling about my life choices LOL. This week on Paradise the girls had the roses and the power to elect who they wanted to represent them. The drama was in two swing races:... Continue Reading →

Failing to Fight for Love

So where are we now? Victoria faced an existential question about her future person. Is it trophy husband Adam, a life of multiple estate homes and country club memberships, haute couture workout clothes, and soccer momming in her Bentley SUV? Or is Sunday afternoons with Dad bod Johnny, comfortably curled up on the sofa in... Continue Reading →

Lead Us Into Temptation, Pt. 2

Yes, am aware that it’s been a minute since I last wrote about Paradise. I suppose it’s a combination of Bachelor-related overload (I am now screaming every time I hear the word “connection”); confusion (so many people, so many relationships, so many changing story arcs, two different venues); and boredom (the cast members set up... Continue Reading →

Lead Us Into Temptation

With Ashley I. and Jarrod and their time in The Boom Boom Room finally behind us, the Evil Genius Producers (EGPs) focused our attention on two new developing storylines. As I have been predicting from the beginning, one of those storylines involves Michael’s journey, and Monday night the EGPs launched Chapter 2 of that journey.... Continue Reading →

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