A Bachelor Betrothal

And that’s a wrap. Perhaps it’s not too early to cue up Looks Like We Made It (Barry Manilow) because it looks like those crazy kids Zach and Kaity are actually gonna git hitched[1]. If so, they would be the first couple from The Bachelor to marry since Sean and Catherine back in 2014. That... Continue Reading →

The Chastity Suite

Zach and his trio of prospective wives head off to Thailand. Each of them is anticipating alone time with Zach without knowing what bombshell he plans to drop on them (cue Gap Band You Dropped a Bomb on Me). But first, Jesse grabs Zach to discuss his pre-game plan while reminding him that Fantasy Suites... Continue Reading →

All Hail the New Bachelorette

Cue Rihanna Only Girl in the World while we celebrate Charity being named the next Bachelorette! In my notes after Monday night’s Rose Ceremony, I wrote, “Charity – odd one out. START THE BACHELORETTE CAMPAIGN NOW!!!” With the clarity of perfect hindsight or my fitting events into a pre-constructed narrative, I saw this coming. Remember... Continue Reading →

Hometown Bound

This week Zach’s journey to find his best friend continued in Budapest. That being said[1], it was for me the fastest-moving, most straightforward, and most entertaining chapter of the season. Here’s my recap. Kaity gets the 1-on-1 that each of the other five girls desperately wants, especially Kat who really desperately NEEEEEEEEEEDS a 1-on-1. And... Continue Reading →

COVID Calling

Zach and his 11 remaining women go to London. This was a tough episode for me. Not intending a humble brag and it’s clearly a First World problem but I really miss London and long to go again for a fourth time. Many tourist memories of exploring the city, meeting Facebook friends in person, seeing... Continue Reading →

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