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Once upon a time, there was Idol Musings. Since February 2008, I have written faithfully on American Idol (and occasionally the other reality singing shows) with insight, snark humor and self-righteous candor. And Adam Lambert. I’ve written a lot about Adam Lambert. And within the blog’s 618 posts, I also wrote occasionally about music in... Continue Reading →

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There’s No Place Like Home

[Cue Home Sweet Home. I’ll take Carrie Underwood’s cover of the original version by Motley Crue but the Crue will do, too.] It was Hometown Visits Week. Before I break each one down, there were a couple of broad themes worth pointing out. First, we have the fake-outs where the preview clips for every visit... Continue Reading →

Ode to Dennis Edwards (1943-2018)

Short drum riff. Wah-wah guitar. A silky, subtle “ooh-hoo”, some scatting, and finally, “The childhood part of my life wasn’t very pretty.” The beginning of The Temptations’ Cloud Nine was when Dennis Edwards husky tenor voice burst into my consciousness. It would eventually become one of the early voices of the soundtrack of my life.... Continue Reading →

Go Away Little Girl

[Cue Hall & Oates] She's gone, oh I, oh I'd Better learn how to face it She's gone, oh I, oh I'd Pay the devil to replace her She's gone, what went wrong. OK, we knew Arie had his doubts. Nor did I ever really allow myself to truly believe that My Girl Bekah would... Continue Reading →

(Baby) Bye Bye Bye

Ding, dong, the witch is dead! Krazy, konceited, kontemptable Krystal goes kareening home after her two-on-one date – I believe I had that thank you very much, although I thought it would be with Lauren B. and missed predicting the alliteration with Kendall. And is it just me or was the most annoying thing about... Continue Reading →

The State of Our Union

Welcome to this week’s Bachelor musings where the state of our union is Krystal-ine. This season’s Girl We Love to Hate continued to show off her expanding repertoire of unlikeableness - this week she added victimhood – with her bowling alley/into the van/into the after-party/during the after-party hissy fit. Let’s review, boys and girls. Typical... Continue Reading →

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