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Once upon a time, there was Idol Musings. Since February 2008, I have written faithfully on American Idol (and occasionally the other reality singing shows) with insight, snark humor and self-righteous candor. And Adam Lambert. I’ve written a lot about Adam Lambert. And within the blog’s 618 posts, I also wrote occasionally about music in... Continue Reading →

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Miscellaneous Mid-Week Musings

This post is basically an excuse to alert those of you who stay up late enough after the show to get the Musings when they are hot and fresh, you may not want to do that this Sunday. My Idols, Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors, have a big playoff game at the same... Continue Reading →

Miscellaneous Midweek Musings

In my last post, I began with an apology to Caleb for strongly doubting his ability to sing a Prince song. Since I’m not used to being wrong, I failed to recognize that I also needed to apologize to My Girl Gabby, seeing as how I wrote this about her decision to sing How Come U... Continue Reading →

So It Was a Beautiful Night After All

Vocally and style-wise, he is a misfit for Prince songs and this is a strange song choice for a deep-voiced country singer. That was what I wrote just a few days ago in my last entry. Well, I’m gonna have to eat that one. Way to go, Caleb. I had no idea that When Doves Cry could be... Continue Reading →

Songs from The Magic Kingdom

Disneyland and the right to vote are two pillars of American culture and tonight on American Idol we got both -  songs from Disney movies and real-time/same-time national voting. As to that voting, of course I’m disappointed as I am every year as good Idolists go because towards the end, good Idolists have to go. Still,... Continue Reading →

Miscellaneous Midweek Musings

Idol’s ratings had an impressive bounce-back from last Sunday’s all-time low when it was up against the American Country Music Awards. 8.4 million viewers watched Sunday’s first performances by the Final Fourteen, up from the 7.4 million the week before. Moreover, Monday’s elimination show gained slightly over the prior Monday at 7.6 million AND almost... Continue Reading →

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