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Once upon a time, there was Idol Musings. Since February 2008, I have written faithfully on American Idol (and occasionally the other reality singing shows) with insight, snark humor and self-righteous candor. And Adam Lambert. I’ve written a lot about Adam Lambert. And within the blog’s 618 posts, I also wrote occasionally about music in... Continue Reading →

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The Final of the Finale, Finally

So a friend who inexplicably doesn't watch The Bachelor texted me wanting to know what was so dramatic and shocking about tonight although the correct terminology right from the mouth of Chris Harrison was "what was the most intense and emotional ending ever?" As always, Chris' breathless announcements (which he makes self-mockingly) were oversold. That... Continue Reading →

The Women Yell All

In many ways, The Women Tell All - aka “The Women Audition for Bachelor in Paradise - speaks for itself and by “speaking”, I mean a roomful of people screaming over each other. Or am I still thinking about the last Democratic debate?[1] 🙂 What? There were people wearing Mykenna tee-shirts? Part of me wants... Continue Reading →

Pushover Peter Preserves Who? Seriously?

Yes, I believe my last Musings had that, i.e. the fall of Krazy Kelsey. What I didn’t have, however, was given the choice between Krazy Kelsey and the Too Problematic for Cosmopolitan Victoria F.,[1] that the ever-predictable Pushover Peter would once again speed through all the warning signs and continue to chase the deranged Victoria... Continue Reading →

Hometowns? Or Home?

The word “journey” first appeared exactly 3 minutes and 56 seconds after “Tonight on The Bachelor” so if you were playing along at home, you were allowed to take your first sip of your Bachelor beverage (Argentine Cabernet, here) earlier than usual tonight. Tonight was all about which girls Pushover Peter would take home to... Continue Reading →

The Tyrant Goes Off the Track

Lemme get this straight. Peter straight breaks up with Victoria P. – whose only fault is she failed to put respeck on white wine (an issue but not necessarily a deal breaker) – because he couldn't see her as his wife. By default this means the list of people he sees as potentially his wife... Continue Reading →

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