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Once upon a time, there was Idol Musings. Since February 2008, I have written faithfully on American Idol (and occasionally the other reality singing shows) with insight, snark humor and self-righteous candor. And Adam Lambert. I’ve written a lot about Adam Lambert. And within the blog’s 618 posts, I also wrote occasionally about music in... Continue Reading →

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The First Votes Are In. Were They Right?

One would think if you’re showcasing America’s favorites among THE GREATEST TALENT EVER ASSEMBLED IN THE HISTORY OF MODERN CIVILIZATION then the production quality of said showcase would have matched that of the alleged said talent. Instead we had to endure the most plodding, most awkward and, at times, most clumsily amateurish episode of Idol... Continue Reading →

Who’s In It to Win the Voters?

I had a moment of self-awareness tonight[1]. I’ve typically thought of my Idol viewing as filling two wannabe roles: music biz professional looking to sign hitmaking pop talent and music critic. And I’ve typically thought of myself as filling those roles quite exceptionally. 🙂 But tonight, I realized I’ve long played a third role that... Continue Reading →

Talent, Tears and Shivers

Well the talent must be good this year as evidenced by the fact that Ryan’s first-ever absence and Bobby Bones subbing changed absolutely nothing about the show. I’m still clinging to my “best talent ever” skepticism but I’m distressing my Inner Simon Cowell by handing out so many A grades. Tonight’s duets drew tears a... Continue Reading →

A Preview of The Finale?

Well the talent must be good this year as evidenced by so many good duets tonight. What I’m looking for in the duets is to find Idolists who don’t look like they’re being helped by the star or that they’re merely singing along with them. In the brief time of their performance, I want the... Continue Reading →

All-Star Duets Set Lists

Idol has put out the set lists for the Sunday Night/Monday Night All-Star duets. About half of them drew an immediate reaction from me and I’m sharing those immediate reactions with you. Sunday Night Kate Barnette/Heartbreaker My Girl Pat Benatar – Hmmm. Girl with cool, chill vibe takes on My Girl Pat’s big, new wavy... Continue Reading →

Handing Out Midterm Grades

When the evening started, I was in Inner Simon Cowell Mode. By the end, I was feeling like a Recording Academy member voting on Grammy nominations. A lot of strong performances by - in keeping with this season - many atypical Idol performers. Kieran, dim the lights. It’s time for the season’s first grades[1]!!! A+[2]... Continue Reading →

Idol, Hawaiian Style

Tonight’s episode, which switched out the old Hollywood Green Room of Judgement for the Hawaiian Patio of Adjudication, was an object lesson in be careful what you wish for. In my case, I had been wanting more singing and less stories all season. Well tonight I got singing. Three. Hours. Of. Singing. Even for an... Continue Reading →

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