I’m In Paradise

Thank you and bless you Bachelor in Paradise. Tonight was everything. No. It was more than everything [cue those sometimes funny, sometimes annoying Geico commercials about getting more]. Chris Harrison and His Evil Genius Production Minions have left me feeling that it’s impossible to out-snark a show that snarks on itself with such wicked brilliance.... Continue Reading →

Really Dean?

So tonight I’m going to resist my tendency to over-analyze everything – in this case Bachelor In Paradise because this is a show that defies serious analysis. It’s really meant to allow its incredulous-nuss[1] to simply waft over you like a cool Mexican summer coastal breeze or to be drunk in like one of Well’s... Continue Reading →

It’s Time for Paradise!

“I left my dog to come here and take a chance on finding love.” Yes, boys and girls. Finally, it’s back – the mirth, the madness, the mayhem that is Bachelor in Paradise. And this year it came back after the threat of never coming back, to which all of Bachelor Nation breathed a collective... Continue Reading →

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