A Muser’s Guide to Santana

The other day, a dear friend emailed me a question about Santana. What follows - with minor edits - is the thread that ensued which became something of a career retrospective of and by a misc-nerdy Santana fan. FRIEND: You are a big fan—you’ve told me—of Abraxas and Caravanserai (sp?), but I just learned that... Continue Reading →

Will She Stay or Will She Go?

Whoa! When Dean made his self-reflective drive to the Grand Canyon, he must have had Major Harris Love Won’t Let Me Wait on auto-repeat. He comes back moustache-less and asks Caelynn to leave Paradise with him STAT. And that’s where we ended – hanging on a cliff awaiting Caelynn’s decision. Love Is All Around The... Continue Reading →

My Queen Makes a Decision

As always, Paradise Tuesday night provided plenty of things to poke fun at. With the arrival of foxy Jen, Blake has met enough girls at Stagecoach to form the world’s hottest basketball team. And Kristen transformed into the Spawn of Satan. But the night clearly belonged to My Queen Demi and Bachelor Nation’s collective night... Continue Reading →

Your Paradise Week 1 Playlist

Bachelor in Paradise ain’t nuthin’ but a party and every good party – especially the ridiculicious ones like Paradise - needs a great DJ. Thank you, Chris Harrison. I’ll take it from here. Here’s my playlist for the first two nights. You’re the One That I Want (John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John). For reasons unclear... Continue Reading →

Scorched Earth in Paradise

Yes, I know it’s a rather odd to add an addendum to something that hasn’t been written yet. But shortly after last night’s episode – the second of the two-part premiere – Blake set the internetosphere on fire with his side of the Caelynn story. He's got text message receipts and they indicate that Caelynn... Continue Reading →

Why This Bachelorette Season Was Great

A fabulous summary of why this Bachelorette season was so spectacular came from Sharleen Joynt who was one of my favorite Bachelor franchise "characters"[1]. Sharleen was on (that loser) Juan Pablo’s season and was awesome because she was a professional opera singer, incredibly intelligent, OMG drop dead gorgeous and excused herself from the show when she... Continue Reading →

Hannah B. Chooses to . . . Date (?)

Lies! Deceit! A cringeworthy proposal! Thank you, Bachelor franchise. Everything I’ve ever wanted, you were promising to deliver. Not only did you do that, you also gave me a logically satisfying ending – two people agreeing to go on a date. Yes, just a date. No Neil Lane ring. No engagement-and-we-break-up-later. Just a date. Like,... Continue Reading →

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