Grammy Nominations – Initial Reactions

The Weeknd. Usually I save my outrage for the actual awards but how in the fresh %#*@ does The Weeknd not get a single nomination? Seriously?? His distinctive know-him-when-you-hear-him blend of pop, R&B, synth and Hip-Hop makes him as creative as any artist working right now. Oh, and his ubiquitous hit Blinding Lights has the... Continue Reading →

Ode to Eddie Van Halen

In the beginning, in 1978 when Eddie Van Halen changed everything, I wasn’t there. At the time I was living in a particularly radio-starved area of upstate New York and found the music in my own collection far more interesting than the insubstantial stuff playing over those airwaves. Then I moved to the DC area... Continue Reading →

My Ode to Little Richard

I am lamenting the loss of Richard Wayne Penniman known to the world as Little Richard. Like many people of a certain age, I discovered Little Richard through The Beatles. Like those people of a certain age, I was captivated by Paul’s wailing, wooh-ooh-oohing, and wahhhhhing on Long Tall Sally on The Beatles Second Album.... Continue Reading →

19 for 2019

A long-time loyal follower of these here musings asked, "If you were going to create a playlist of songs “not be missed” from 2019, what songs would you include?" First, we at love to be asked such questions almost as much as we like referring to ourselves as multiple people in the third person.... Continue Reading →

Happy Anniversary For Your Entertainment!

Happy Tenth Anniversary For Your Entertainment! It doesn’t seem like ten years have gone by which is why I’m celebrating it by re-upping what I wrote about it on its fifth anniversary in 2014. Much has happened for Adam since then, most notably his association with Queen which became a phenomenon with Queen + Adam Lambert’s... Continue Reading →

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