The Day I Met George Bush

“You’d think if the President was coming, you would have dressed up,” my co-worker says to me. I froze, eyes wide, hands outstretched. “What? Really? Today? When?” “Yes, soon”, my co-worker said. “You won’t have time to change.” “Soon” became evident when the Secret Service agents came into the offices, walked around and decided they... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the New Blog!

Once upon a time, there was Idol Musings. Since February 2008, I have written faithfully on American Idol (and occasionally the other reality singing shows) with insight, snark humor and self-righteous candor. And Adam Lambert. I’ve written a lot about Adam Lambert. And within the blog’s 618 posts, I also wrote occasionally about music in... Continue Reading →

That Time I Sang At Motown

In March of 2011, I had the good fortune of being taken to the Motown Museum by two friends and loyal Musers J.L. and J.C. No photographs were allowed inside the museum but the photo of me standing outside is relevant to the story. Eventually we got to the garage that was converted into the... Continue Reading →

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