Back for More Boredom

Yeah, this blog is a bit later than usual. But it’s not like anything happened Monday night that had you thirsty to know what my musings were. These first two weeks have been rocky for The Bachelor. First, the ratings are bad. For the season Premiere, total viewership was down 20% from last year and... Continue Reading →

Who’s Going to Hometowns?

Whoa. Whoa. Whoooooooa, Ray. Wayminit. You’re already talking hometowns after the first episode of the season? You just gonna slide by The Journey – the hours of unnecessary drama, gallons of overwrought tears, moments of spiteful villainy, not to mention the scores of texts from Long-Time Loyal Follower of the These Musings CSP about how... Continue Reading →

Is Susie’s Foolish Heart Calling?

We were promised two things about this final episode: a “shocking conclusion “and “the most controversial in Bachelor history.” Rather than recap this last step in the journey, I want to comment on how well the Evil Genius Producers (EGPs) kept their promises. As to the first, it was not fully delivered. Nothing is shocking... Continue Reading →

Ain’t No Woman Like the One He Ain’t Got

Night 1 of the 2-Night Finale was a LOT. And we've been promised another drama-filled night including supposedly a spoiler-proof After The Final Rose.  I'm quickly summarizing moments from Monday night that got my attention with so much to look forward to. Can somebody explain the opening scene with Clayton and a church choir? Jessie... Continue Reading →

Torn Between Three Lovers

Tonight’s episode started so nicely. All three girls genuinely like and care for each other even though they are all in love with and dating the same guy. Well, that couldn’t last. Enter Susie’s Spiral of Sorrow. Yes, there were dates. But they were essentially foils for Susie’s unraveling emotional state. The girl’s got rules... Continue Reading →

The Women Yell All: Season 26

I’m actually going to recap this piece of trash. I will put in minimal effort, though. But I’m going to hate myself in the morning, anyway. So please tell me that you’ll love me tomorrow. [cue Carol King] Hour 1. [cue Selena Gomez Bad Liar] Yelling. Lots of yelling. Mean, angry, spiteful yelling. All directed... Continue Reading →

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