Can’t Find My Way Home

The most remarkable thing about this week's episode – “remarkable” being graded on a curve this season – was what happened before the show started. In a one-two punch, Matt put out a statement on his Instagram decrying The Bachelor’s handling of race. The second punch was an article in the Huffington Post by the... Continue Reading →

To The Dearly Departed

And even though we may be departingWe're never aloneAnd even though we may feel discardedWell we've got a homeAnd even though you may be downheartedYou’re never aloneAnd even though you may be departingWell you've got a home... (Kevin Max, To The Dearly Departed) The theme of Monday night’s episode was breakups. We had a LOT... Continue Reading →

The Bachelor’s Reckoning with Race

Rather than my usual episode recap, I’m going to recap and comment on the stunning events of last week that culminated in Chris Harrison taking a leave of absence from The Bachelor franchise. It was the lens through which I was watching tonight's episode, anyway. I watch these shows with intentional blindness to the casts’... Continue Reading →

When Will the DRAMA End?

“I’m so mad at this season. I want to sue for damages for my lost time” – My Daughter Diandra (MDD). So this is what it’s come to. A retread from Colton’s Bachelor season balancing pizza on her head while she’s quarantining. This season of Bachelor in COVID is so bad. And with Chris Harrison... Continue Reading →

Embrace the Toxicity!

[cue Johnny Nash I Can See Clearly Now] What I said in last week’s recap is even more glaringly and painfully obvious this week. Because of COVID and Matt’s lack of personality, the Evil Genius Producers (EGPs) have decided to turn the DRAMA up to 12 on a scale of 1 to 10 by leaning... Continue Reading →

Release the DRAMA!!!!!

“She’s entertaining men for money.” This was Monday’s cold open. It was also in the prior week previews so you knew it was going to be thing. And the thing that’s becoming a thing is that four episodes into Bachelor in COVID, the thing that we're all dealing with is that: Creating compelling and entertaining... Continue Reading →

Need Cake With My W(h)ine

“This is why you need to make dessert, Dad”, says My Daughter Diandra (MDD). “I need to eat my feelings.” Seriously. Lots of feelings tonight. Who expected in the course of merely one episode that My Girl – Our Girl – Sarah would become the real villain? And that Vacuous Victoria would become the voice... Continue Reading →

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