We’re Halfway There

Well, we are at the halfway point, and we are finally starting to get some clarity about Clayton’s journey to find love – and by clarity, I mean that we name 3-4 other people besides Clayton and Jessie Palmer. By the way, is it Clay-ton, Clay-tin, or Clay.IN? I find the latter really annoying. Serene... Continue Reading →

Did He Find The One?

After three desultory episodes, maybe this slow-moving season is finally hitting its stride. Once again, Cray Cray Shanaenae dominated the screen-time[1] , but this episode moved very quickly, and it’s possible we saw The One. I’ve broken this installment into four parts. Part 1. The Shrimp and Hot Tub Mystery Did Cray Cray Shanaenae offer... Continue Reading →

Making a Commitment

I’ll admit up front that this recap will be less than my usual stellar effort[1]. This week turned out far busier than expected. And who are we kidding, anyway? This past episode didn’t exactly burn with I-need-to-write-this-STAT energy. Getting through this whole season is turning into a commitment. Basically, I’m here for the wrong reasons:... Continue Reading →

12 Things about Episode Two

1. Ratings. The premiere only got 3.5 million viewers, well below the two worst season openers: Colton Underwood (5.1m) and Matt James (5.2m). This means Clayton did way worse than the gay guy nobody liked and the black guy nobody liked. 2. Last week, ex-Bachelor (Season 6) host Jessie Palmer introduced himself to Clayton as... Continue Reading →

Sustained Bleep

Well, that was THE most boring episode of The Bachelor franchise I’ve ever seen and I sat through all of Ari’s season. This closed caption moment pretty much explains my feelings. The primary reason for my boredom is Bachelor fatigue. After going from Clare to Tayshia to Katie to Paradise to Michelle and now to... Continue Reading →

Say It Ain’t So, Baller Joe!

I admit it. I didn’t see it coming. I know I had been promoting Nayte as one of the favorites to win it all season. Still, during the Fantasy Suites episodes, I convinced myself that the “is he really ready for an engagement?” flags that Michelle was concerned about were screaming bright red. Therefore, I... Continue Reading →

Breaking Up Isn’t Hard to Do

[cue Led Zeppelin Good Times Bad Times and Communication Breakdown] By now, you are probably aware that our most recent Bachelorette, Katie, has broken things off with her fiancé Blake. Since breakups are the norm rather than the exception, the only surprising thing is how quickly it came – less than three months after The... Continue Reading →

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