Queen Victoria the Vacuous

“It’s kind of turning to all about Victoria now” - one of the Girls of Nemacolin. Yeah, Queen Victoria is pretty much the vacuous but still irresistible force that draws all things to being about her. At this point we’re all counting the weeks – and praying to Matt’s God that they are few –... Continue Reading →

Is There Love in Nemacolin?

“I went through four COVID tests for this.” That’s finding love in 2020 for you. [cue Bon Jovi Social Disease] So many women. So many very pretty women. So many COVID-tested women. Too many women to draw any conclusions other than the First Impression Rose always means something and that went to Abigail who is... Continue Reading →

Boredom for Your Heart

The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart (#LTYH) is an object lesson in the old adage, “Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.” Maybe I should have been clearer about what I was wishing for. I wanted this show to be bad but I looking forward to it being bad in... Continue Reading →

The Final of the Finale, Finally

So a friend who inexplicably doesn't watch The Bachelor texted me wanting to know what was so dramatic and shocking about tonight although the correct terminology right from the mouth of Chris Harrison was "what was the most intense and emotional ending ever?" As always, Chris' breathless announcements (which he makes self-mockingly) were oversold. That... Continue Reading →

The Women Yell All

In many ways, The Women Tell All - aka “The Women Audition for Bachelor in Paradise - speaks for itself and by “speaking”, I mean a roomful of people screaming over each other. Or am I still thinking about the last Democratic debate?[1] 🙂 What? There were people wearing Mykenna tee-shirts? Part of me wants... Continue Reading →

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