The Tyrant Goes Off the Track

Lemme get this straight. Peter straight breaks up with Victoria P. – whose only fault is she failed to put respeck on white wine (an issue but not necessarily a deal breaker) – because he couldn't see her as his wife. By default this means the list of people he sees as potentially his wife... Continue Reading →

Pushover Peter Is a Problem. So Are the Girls.

The state of The Bachelor union is getting hard to watch. Where did the producers get these people from? [cue Britney Spears (You Drive Me) Crazy] And who, specifically, is driving me crazy? Let’s start with Pushover Peter[1]. It’s an admirable thing to find a positive quality in everybody you meet. It’s quite another to believe all... Continue Reading →

Is Peter the Problem?

Straight to the point – Peter is getting tiresome. He loves all the girls. He believes all the girls. He believes in all the girls. He so believes in all the girls that even when they screw up (which is quite often), he believes it’s his fault. Which, of course, is because he loves all... Continue Reading →

What a Fanasco

ESPN’s Michael Smith and Jemele Hill used to do a shtick called “Doin’ Too Much” which featured sports fans, uh, doing too much - and looking silly as a result. That’s the way I felt about Monday’s episode – that the producers were trying to do too much. It felt like there were hours of... Continue Reading →

It’s Not Over ’til It’s Over

My Daughter Cassandra’s (MDC) friend RM[1] came over for the second week in a row  – and so it’s official, I now have hosted Bachelor watch parties plural. Is there a badge or ID card for that or anything? The big themes from this week were the Hannah B./Peter Thang [HBPT] and Alexa’s fabulous hair.... Continue Reading →

Unfinished Feelings?

A three hour show. Or what I like to call a Two-Bottles-of-Bubbly type situation. Just sayin’. [Cue I’ve Got You Under My Skin, Frank Sinatra version only] Arrrrrrghhhhhhhhh. I had half the blog written in my head until Hannah B. showed up at the end and her and Peter got seriously all up in their... Continue Reading →

A Satisfying (and rational) Ending

Like Chris Harrison, I have lots of questions but unlike Chris Harrison I'm not going to breathlessly shout them at you. What if two people who’ve known each other for a few days didn’t have to get engaged according to a primetime TV calendar? What if two people with a mutual attraction simply decided to... Continue Reading →

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