The Day I Met George Bush

“You’d think if the President was coming, you would have dressed up,” my co-worker says to me. I froze, eyes wide, hands outstretched. “What? Really? Today? When?” “Yes, soon”, my co-worker said. “You won’t have time to change.” “Soon” became evident when the Secret Service agents came into the offices, walked around and decided they... Continue Reading →

Gettin’ Witchy Wit It

Tuesday night’s episode began with Astrid proclaiming that all the couples are “perfect”. And to show these couples where perfection can lead, Janner and Carvan[1] showed up to Paradise with babies in tow. This is also known as branding – love can be found in Paradise! Good move, Chris Harrison. Tanner was rockin’ the dad... Continue Reading →

Paradise’s Greatest Hits

My Daughter Cassandra: Remember we have wine. Me: The sparkling Rose´? My Daughter Cassandra: Yes. Me: Remember it’s three hours tonight. My Daughter Cassandra: That’s why we need the wine. Instead of my usual (more or less) chronological summary for this lengthy episode, I’m going to offer a recap by way of its Greatest Hits... Continue Reading →

Five Facts About Aretha Franklin

She was from Motown but was not a Motown artist. Despite growing up with the likes of Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, and The Temptations, Aretha was not a Motown artist. Her father The Rev. Cleveland Franklin was a nationally known minister whose recorded sermons were big sellers. As such, he had strong connections in the... Continue Reading →

You’re The One. And So Is She.

Love, sweet love, is in the air and there are couples everywhere! [cue The Troggs Love Is All Around] Love so pure, so deep, so rapturous that it can only be summarized by Grocery Store Joe’s words, “I hope guys stop kissing my girl.” Welcome to Paradise! But before love, there were cocktail party confrontations. Grocery... Continue Reading →

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