Hollywood Sick-In

It’s Hollywood Week and everybody is sick including your Friendly Neighborhood Muser. While this may be briefer than usual, it will be no less professional. I’m still reserving judgement on the whole “MOST TALENTED CROP IN IDOL HISTORY!” thing but there were a few Idol winner worthy performances tonight. And as if to validate the... Continue Reading →

My Inner Simon Hates Meh

Thanks to the magic of the interwebs that worked better than my local ABC affiliate WJLA last night, I was able to see the good auditions I missed during WJLA's greenout/rainbowout/bufferingout last night (and able to efficiently fast-forward through the fraudulent ones). Two auditions really, really stoodout: Ashley Hess behind the piano singing Norah Jones... Continue Reading →

A Satisfying (and rational) Ending

Like Chris Harrison, I have lots of questions but unlike Chris Harrison I'm not going to breathlessly shout them at you. What if two people who’ve known each other for a few days didn’t have to get engaged according to a primetime TV calendar? What if two people with a mutual attraction simply decided to... Continue Reading →

Shot Through the Heart

IT’S LIKE NOTHING YOU'VE EVER SEEN BEFORE!!! OK, Chris, you overcame my skepticism. I will finally agree with one of your (typically empty) breathless proclamations and not in a snarky way. Tonight was surprising and even quite captivating. We began with The Search for Colton in the Portuguese countryside with a missed opportunity to have... Continue Reading →

Three Talented Teens and a Pastor’s Kid

[The following rant has been edited for length.] TOO MANY SAD/INSPIRATIONAL STORIES!!! IT’S A SINGING COMPETITION (insert bad word here with an exclamation point!), NOT A HALLMARK CARD! Thankfully, tonight’s auditions closed with a rush. I had noted a few decent Idolists early on - Laine Hardy[1], Nate Walker, Riley Tucker, Clay Page – and... Continue Reading →

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