Take a Little Piece of My Heart

Welcome to Disney Night, a clever idea where The Walt Disney Company (stock symbol: DIS) uses one of their properties – the American Broadcasting Company – to promote another one of their properties – American Idol; and uses the American Idol property to promote another Walt Disney Company property - The Walt Disney World Resort,... Continue Reading →

Why Don’t Idolists Make Hits Anymore?

Recently a long-time loyal follower of these Musings texted me about her surprise that the Top 3 Idolists “don’t do more with it” and was curious as to why that has changed. She specifically mentioned Candice Glover who won Season 12 (2013) as someone who is no longer heard from. Actually, that can be said... Continue Reading →

Lackluster Comebacks

Well that was boring. Maybe it was because I didn’t have any connection to last season’s Idolists because I only watched a couple of episodes and wasn't impressed. Or maybe because I watched them tonight and as a group they still weren’t very impressive. While I did give letter grades, I’m not going to take... Continue Reading →

Voting Outrage and Boring Oscar Songs

Yes, this show infuriates me. The voters make me nuts. The judges’ comments are worthless. And what was with the sleepy, banal song choices from Oscar nominated movies? This was one of the worst theme nights I can remember. Yeah, I'm being especially crabby LOL. Went home Ava – Yes, I am shocked, irate and... Continue Reading →

The Return of Paula!!

“I would kill for a pep talk from Paula Abdul. That’s like my dream in life”, said an ecstatic My Daughter Diandra (MDD) during Paula’s closing exhortation to The Unvoted for Group of Five Idolists near the end of Monday night’s proceedings. While I’m still upset that I wasn’t picked to sub for COVID-positive Luke,... Continue Reading →

The First Votes Are In

Sixteen performances. Lots of ground to cover. Here’s the TL;DR[1] version: Surprisingly voted in – Graham[2](undeservedly) and Deshawn (deservedly). Surprisingly voted out – (eye-patched) Andrea who was so wonderful last week. The rest were quite predictable but do not interpret “predictable” as I believe that all of the surviving Idolists are worthy contenders. Some clearly... Continue Reading →

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