Who Didn’t Have the Odds in Vegas

Three guys melted down. Two went home. One stayed to be humiliated for another week. Before we discuss, let’s understand how we got to this week in Sin City. Earlier today, My Daughter Cassandra summarized this season perfectly: “I still don’t know any of the guys’ names. There’s no clear frontrunner. The only ones I... Continue Reading →

The Scent of Goodbye

Along with designated bad person Male Model Jordan and his shiny, gold boxers, the star of this week’s episode was Park City, Utah because that’s where my friend Angie lives. It’s highly likely this excited me far more than Angie. Less exciting to me were dates involving riding in and on things going fast, axes... Continue Reading →

Twitter Beef!!

Is it me? I don’t think it’s me. I’m all for Becca finding love but neither she nor the guys that’s she’s trying to do the damn thing with are very interesting, the ridiculishusness of Male Model Jordan (MMJ) aside. Spa dates when the guys get their nails done? [Cue up Man! I Feel Like... Continue Reading →

Put It in My Cleavage

I saw the word “named” on a Tweet and thought it said “naked”. Thanks Male Model Jordan for imprinting me by attending the Rose Ceremony in nothing but boxers. And to think that wasn’t even near the top of the list of egregious male behavior tonight. [Cue Bad Company Bad Company] Not only does one need... Continue Reading →

The Bachelorette: Becca Meets the Guys

It’s that time and I am so excited for a Bachelorette with SO many outstanding qualities: cute, enchanting, captivating, self-aware and snarky, made-for-TV-personality, and counter-culture from what has been the norm. This season with Bekah is going to be great! What? Really? Oh [%*$#][1], that’s right. It’s not My Bekah. It’s that other, far-less-interesting Becca.... Continue Reading →

We Have a (the right) New Idol!!!

Relief. Happiness. Validation. Not only did we get the right winner but we got an incredibly sweet and joyous ending. I admit I got quite a jolt when Kieran dimmed the lights and Ryan announced that My Girl Gabby was not going to be in the Final Twosome which we later learned should have been... Continue Reading →

I Have My Winner!

WAIT! WHAT?? STEVE PERRY CAME OUT OF SECLUSION TO MAKE AN APPEARANCE ON IDOL???? You can literally – literal literally not slang hyperbole literally – count on your hands the number of his public appearances IN A DECADE. Not only that, he provided the critique to My Girl Gabby’s rendition of the classic Don’t Stop... Continue Reading →

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