Queen Victoria the Vacuous

“It’s kind of turning to all about Victoria now” - one of the Girls of Nemacolin. Yeah, Queen Victoria is pretty much the vacuous but still irresistible force that draws all things to being about her. At this point we’re all counting the weeks – and praying to Matt’s God that they are few –... Continue Reading →

Is There Love in Nemacolin?

“I went through four COVID tests for this.” That’s finding love in 2020 for you. [cue Bon Jovi Social Disease] So many women. So many very pretty women. So many COVID-tested women. Too many women to draw any conclusions other than the First Impression Rose always means something and that went to Abigail who is... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Albums of 2020

It is once again time for my annual ode to self-importance – listing my favorite music of the past year. And what does “favorite” mean? What I listened to the most? (Yes) What I anxiously waited for? (Yes) What had great videos I couldn’t get enough of? (Yes) What was unique? (Yes) What was by... Continue Reading →

An Obsession . . . and a Mystery

That feeling when you find your new favorite band too late. The story and mystery of a music obsession . . . I recently accidentally rediscovered that I had accidentally previously discovered the band machineheart, i.e. after the rediscovery I found that I had already Liked one on their songs on Spotify. More like LOVED... Continue Reading →

Crying? Who’s Crying?

OMG THE END WAS SO AWESOME!! So, was me getting all up in my feelings was what Chris Harrison had in mind with his (annual) breathless, “TONITE ON THE SHOCKING SEASON FINALE OF THE BACHELORETTE!?” They even brought back the taxi! I’m coming undone. Undone is something I don't do outside of the right music.... Continue Reading →

Yes, Chris, I’m Shocked

[excited Chris Harrison voice] THE SHOCKING TWO-NIGHT FINALE! THE ENDING YOU WON’T BELIEVE!!! I don’t know about not believing the ending yet, but OK, Chris, you got me on “shocking.” The blog I was forming in my head for the first 90 minutes went totally out the window in the last 30. Had my head... Continue Reading →

When Home Is a Hotel in California

I really expected that Tayshia would have Ben in her Final Three. But off to the limo he went. [cue Steve Perry It Won’t Be You] I won’t do an emotional intelligence assessment of Ben like I did for Low Emotional Intelligence Bennett aka Wall Street Dude aka Villain 2. Once again, I’ll refer you... Continue Reading →

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