Viking Games

It’s Part Two in the Dramatic Two-Night Television Event! As expected, NONE of the preview clips matched the Kenny the Wrestler vs. The Snake kerfuffle. And perhaps because of the build-up to the resolution of their hostilities, the rest of Part Two in the Dramatic Two-Night Television Event felt decidedly low-energy for me. As hoped,... Continue Reading →

How Do You Spell Snake?

Besides the fact that I like Rachel – I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that before – I really like this season's Ray-Approved Dates™. A few weeks ago they were hoopin’ for Rachel’s heart. This week there was a Spelling Bee! “Yo, Rachel! I got your onomatopoeia right here, girl. Right after I nail this... Continue Reading →

First Ever Performance of Separate Ways

"We just wrote this song about two weeks ago. Would you like to hear something brand new?", Steve Perry asks the crowd. That "something brand new" - Separate Ways - had not yet been recorded and would go on to become a classic among classics. In the area of critical commentary, it's fascinating to hear the different vocal... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Fathers Day Song

While it’s normal for normal people to have a favorite Christmas song, it’s likely only a deranged but otherwise friendly, neighborhood Muser who has a favorite Fathers Day song. That song is One for Daddy-O on the album Somethin’ Else by Cannonball Adderley. Recorded and released in 1958, this excellent album is widely regarded as being... Continue Reading →

Ridin’ and Rasslin’ for Rachel

One consistent feature of this season is that Rachel is not here for the petty. She is the most crucial conversational contestant I’ve ever seen on any of these shows. In one of those conversations, she denied Double Dealin’ Demario’s appeal and upheld her prior ruling, banishing him to Bachelor Nation purgatory. Likewise, she forthrightly... Continue Reading →

The Bachelorette: Drama with DeMario

So it turns out that DeMario is doin’ some double dealin’. Did any of you (honestly) have that? My daughter Cassandra totally called that during the opening teasers.[1] I’m torn on this. On the one hand, Rachel - have I mentioned how much I like her? – seemed genuinely upset about the whole deal. And... Continue Reading →

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