Solo Round

I LOVE SOLO ROUND!!!!! By this time, we’ve seen which Idolists could withstand the pressure of singing in front of their competition. And we’ve seen which ones could survive singing with their competition. Those two rounds cut the Hollywood field from 169 down to 76. And Solo Round cut that group down 50. The reason... Continue Reading →

Hollywood Swingin’ Is Back!

So here I am  In this Hollywood city The city of the stars, movies, women and cars Well I guess I I guess I Star[1] I’ve been asked many times why Idol has created so much success for its contestants and The Voice so little. I have a long list of reasons why but one... Continue Reading →

They’re Going to Hollywood!

OK. We made it. Glad that’s over. I feel like every year I’m commenting on the necessity of the evil that is the length of the audition rounds. It’s the proverbial rock/hard place. If you are a truly come-one-come-all reality show, then you can’t show only a few auditions or else the process looks fraudulent.... Continue Reading →

Idol’s Back and Still Good, Dawg Pt. 3

(Finishes replaying Dominique’s audition for the fourth time) When I like an audition, I put a star by their name. If I really like them, they get two stars. And there’s the rarified air of three stars earned by Idol hopeful Dominique. He goes by just that name, has a James Harden[1] beard, and a smooth enough... Continue Reading →

Anybody Can Be an Idol!

Because this is American Idol, we’re told by Ryan that many seasoned performers and full-time musicians come to audition. And because this is American Idol, we don’t see any of them. Instead, you can be a property manager. You can be a Special Ed teacher with a rare hormonal disorder. You may have been bullied.... Continue Reading →

Idol’s Back and Still Good, Dawg Pt. 2

“For some, an American Idol audition is their first step out of the shadows,” says Ryan, reminding me that I find the zero-to-hero story arc of this show so utterly addicting. After Sunday’s successful-so-far relaunch, tonight we got more of what worked so well last night: backstories, cute segments, LOL interplay – emphasis on “play”... Continue Reading →

Idol’s Back and Still Good, Dawg

Keeping it real – I was worried. I came to tonight’s rebooted Idol with the fear that I was going to have to explain why your friendly, neighborhood Muser was disappointed in the show that My Daughter Diandra once proclaimed “a religion in our household.” But thanks to a new set of Evil Genius Producers,... Continue Reading →

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