Clare the Chaos Queen

[Publisher’s note: In last week’s blog, Mr. Linder suggested Stronger by Kristine W. as a song to describe the newly empowered Clare. We regret his poor choice as clearly the Britney Spears song Stronger was a much better fit - But now I'm stronger than yesterday/Now it's nothing but my way/My loneliness ain't killing me... Continue Reading →

Ode to Eddie Van Halen

In the beginning, in 1978 when Eddie Van Halen changed everything, I wasn’t there. At the time I was living in a particularly radio-starved area of upstate New York and found the music in my own collection far more interesting than the insubstantial stuff playing over those airwaves. Then I moved to the DC area... Continue Reading →

31 divided by 1 = 1

31 males came on a journey for Clare’s heart. But she is already quite smitten with only one – hot, ex-footballer Dale [cue Luther Vandross The Rush]. He seems to be right there, too, as the chemistry between those two was totally off the chain. And yet, the previews of coming attractions suggest that there... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Albums of 2020 (so far)

Basically, at just past the halfway point, my 2020 in music can be described like this. In March I heard Dua Lipa’s new album and I thought that would be the best album I heard all year. Then I heard Hayley Williams’ solo album in May and I thought that was amazing. Then Lady Gaga... Continue Reading →

30 Day Song Challenge Encore

This Challenge was a challenge! As much as I tried to not overthink each day’s entry, I am who I am, and precision in word and thought matters a lot to me. Not just that but on most topics involving music, my head explodes with ideas and stories – ask anybody who’s asked me what... Continue Reading →

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