Adam Lambert’s High Drama: Track by Track

In my earlier review of High Drama, I said that what makes this album so compelling is Adam’s ability to interpret and interpolate songs in ways that fundamentally reshape them into new creations. So let’s look at each track and how I think he accomplishes that. Holding Out for a Hero. Adam reconstructs Bonnie Tyler’s... Continue Reading →

Adam Lambert High Drama Review

“If ever there was a sonic surgeon you'd want holding a scalpel to your favourite song, it would be Adam Lambert: he knows where to cut to let his seductive style seep deep.”[1] This is the album I always wanted Adam to make. What made Adam Lambert the most singular and arguably most memorable Idolist... Continue Reading →

Auditions 2023: Round 2

Stories. Stories. Stories. So many stories. So much emotional manipulation. Yes, every singer has their story. But did I need to know any of my favorite artist’s stories before they became my favorite artists? Of course not. But lest I forget, this is a TV show and TV shows need stories. Tonight, Idol producers waited... Continue Reading →

Auditions 2023: Round 1

So let’s talk about Idol auditions. In the past, I’ve alternated between saying a lot about the audition rounds and saying only a little. Right now I’m leaning towards saying only a little this season because we don’t learn very much about the Idolists from their auditions. We certainly learn much less than the judges... Continue Reading →

COVID Calling

Zach and his 11 remaining women go to London. This was a tough episode for me. Not intending a humble brag and it’s clearly a First World problem but I really miss London and long to go again for a fourth time. Many tourist memories of exploring the city, meeting Facebook friends in person, seeing... Continue Reading →

Idol Is Back but Am I?

If you came for my musings on Idol’s Season 21 Premiere Sunday night, you’ll have to come back later. I was watching the NBA All-Star Game, the closing festivity in the three-day All-Star Weekend, aka “Black Thanksgiving.” But I will catch up on and react to the initial auditions, so do come back! That said,... Continue Reading →

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