Of Love Lost to Taxidermy

Tonight’s rather tame episode was, for me, a tale of four women. First, in preparation for my musings, I fast-forwarded back through the entire show to refresh my memory. I believe all I saw was Arie kissing My Girl Bekah for about 90 minutes. Jenna had a I-didn’t-come-here-for-this-so-don’t even-try-to-give-me-a-goodbye-hug exit which deserves detailed scrutiny. “I... Continue Reading →

The Bachelor Premiere – Bekah!

That’s it. I’m all in. I already have my favorite and I will resist any and all attempts by the producers, the other girls, Twitter trolls or common sense to see anyone else as the winner. Wait, what? There’s some controversy about her possibly young age?[1] Get thee behind me Satan! I will not have... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Albums of 2017

A year-end list is a fool’s errand. The mere fact that I feel compelled to do one for public consumption is to give myself a level of self-importance which is completely unjustified.  And you may notice I call my list “favorite” instead of “best". I believe that music is ultimately too subjective to call something... Continue Reading →

Happy 40th to the Most Iconic Song Ever

Boom-Boom-Clap! Boom-Boom-Clap! Forty years ago today, the most iconic song in popular music history – We Will Rock You­ – was released. There probably isn’t one second of the earth’s daily rotation that this song isn’t being played somewhere, from high school pep rallies, to football games at every level, basketball arenas, baseball stadiums and... Continue Reading →

Winedown Wednesday: Grocery Store Wines?

In a conversation with My Daughter Diandra some time ago, I used the phrase “Oh, you mean grocery store wine”, about which said Daughter thought I was throwing shade at her millennial budget sized choices in wine. While I don’t believe I was throwing shade, I do agree that on occasion that condescending eye-rolly thing... Continue Reading →

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