The Final Three

WHAT?????? ^&(^$#*$#$^*)&^ BRAIN EXPLODE Huntergirl, Noah, Leah. [allows the shock to subside and normal blood flow to return] It should have been Fritz, Noah, and Leah. And Fritz wins. I’ll editorialize further at some point. I’m just too stunned at the moment. For now, here are my rankings for this episode in order of their... Continue Reading →

Why I Like Who I Like 2.0

In 2010, I wrote a blog about what I look for when evaluating Idolists. Rereading it today, I can see my approach hasn’t changed much. But in the introduction to music critic and author Steve Hyden’s recent list of the Top 100 lead signers of all time, he used four criteria that overlap mine but... Continue Reading →

Down to Five

Ryan: “There are some saying this is the best Top 7 in American Idol history.” People saying this are idiots, and Ryan is getting paid enough to reject spouting such nonsense. We learned that Noah and Fritz were isolating due to COVID. I took into account that their experience as performers – Fritz through recorded... Continue Reading →

Eurovision 2022 (updated)

The countdown is on. It’s approximately 67 hours (4,020 minutes) until Eurovision 2022. Eurovision is my favorite annual musical event. It’s part World Cup Finals, Olympics, and Super Bowl, with a healthy dose of self-knowing cheesiness and a 40-nation soundtrack. Quoting from the movie Patton, “God help me, I do love it so.” Last year... Continue Reading →

The Great Idol Reunion

I had planned to write a blog tonight, but it was not my intention to write about the Idol reunion. However, it was a quick, fun blast from the past and too much fun not to share my favorite impressions. It also reminded me why I am still watching after all of these years. Idol... Continue Reading →

Down to Seven in Disneyland

This week is Disney Week, aka Cross-promotion Week for ABC properties. The mission was to get down to a Final Seven through live voting. As always, here are my rankings in order of their performances using my usual scale: A – SuperiorB – Good, often meaning positive moments out-weighed negative onesC – Meh, nothing memorable... Continue Reading →

Grading the Top Ten

Who is this season’s best Idolist? That depends on how you define “best” and what direction you are looking – back to the past or forward to the future. For now, I’m looking backward by compiling the grades I’ve given to the Top Ten’s performances in the form of a mid-term report card. The graded... Continue Reading →

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