The Bachelorette: Rachel Meets the Guys

Rachel. I really like Rachel. And that dress. Seriously.

That said, I don’t like her enough that I’d be that guy who’s crying that he didn’t get a rose from a girl who he barely met for like five minutes. He bought a great suit for his “troubles” so how bad can it be, really?

Speaking of clothes – bow ties. There were lots of bow ties. I like bow ties. I really need to break mine out more often.

Raven. It was good to see Raven (from Nick’s recent Bachelor season) again. She’s adorable and I grew to really like her. I really wish he’d picked her instead of Vanessa.[1] Hopefully, she comes to Paradise.

Whamboom Guy. Can we agree that the producers made Rachel keep him as the short-term pleasantly annoying guy?[2] He’ll stir up a little minor animosity and then be gone soon. Please.

The doll segment – “I disgust her.” – was hysterical.

Testosterone. Always so much testosterone – especially early – on The Bachelorette. I can’t really identify with it unless you consider sharp-tongued snarkiness and it’s-not-bragging-if-it’s-true a form of alpha-maleism. 🙂

Great misdirection on the First Impression Rose away from Kenny the Wrestler to Bryan The Kissy Chiropractor with Great Hands. Didn’t see that coming but My Daughter Cassandra called it. Hey – I’m good at finding future music stars. Romantic connections maybe not so much.

At this point there are too many guys for me to have a favorite. I have the same problem in the first few weeks of The Bachelor, too, i.e. too many girls to know who’s who. Plus, I’m more inclined to care about the girls on The Bachelor than the guys on The Bachelorette and for this I make no apology. 🙂 So I’m not inclined toward anybody yet except Rachel. I really like Rachel.

Be back next week with more musings.


[1] I like Nick. But I would rather he picked anybody – even Corrine – than Vanessa.

[2] As opposed to the yet-to-be-revealed longer-term Bad Guy. Is it Country Dude?

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