5 Questions for American Idol

  1. Will anybody watch? Apart from the investment in the judges (and Katy Perry, in particular), ABC has certainly promoted the reboot very aggressively. I think it needs to get good numbers from the start to be taken seriously.
  2. Will it be any good? I’m looking to see if the new producers make any significant changes to the old format.
  3. Will there be chemistry between the judges? This is even more important than format. People tune out when the chemistry is bad (Mariah vs. Nicki) and tune in when it’s good (Blake and Adam on The Voice).
  4. Will we get a good winner? The past few winners have been so dreadful that I can’t even remember their names. A big part of the Idol brand and its differentiator from the competition is that it is the reality show that makes stars. It needs a good winner – or as we’ve seen in the past – memorable losers[1] that make hit records.
  5. Will it really matter? There may no longer be a place in the business – and by the business I mean the industry – for TV singing competitions. Perhaps none of these shows are a pathway to success any longer.


[1] Yes, the first Adam Lambert reference of the season!

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