Where Are We Now?

We have a final eight. Other than that, where are we now? Before I answer that question, allow me a few musings. I began tonight with a problem. Last night I saw the New Zealand electropop duo Broods in concert. After six years together, they’re now seasoned performers headlining shows in well-known smaller clubs while touring with megastars like Taylor Swift and Sam Smith in arenas. Georgia Nott, the 24-year old lead singer is as cool, charismatic, compelling and captivating performer as I’ve ever seen. It was very hard to watch Idol tonight with her impression still fresh in my mind.

Comparing the Idolists to a seasoned recording artist and performer like Georgia[1] seems unfair even if she is the age of some of them now and was a teen like some of the others when her and her brother started. But it’s a reminder of what whoever becomes the Idol is going to ultimately be up against, especially when new unIdol­-like young artists, such as Maggie Rogers and Billie Eilish are currently selling out shows and ruling the pop charts.

The comparison was made worse after spending a dull night watching the Idolists sing mostly obscure Disney songs. It’s hardly an environment to find a pop star. The show was very boring and made even more boring for me after seeing a real pop show the night before.

As to the voting, there was no surprise that we had the same Bottom Three as we had last week of DimitriusUche´and Alyssa; and no surprise to me that Alyssa would be the survivor of that trio. Neither Dimitrius or Uche´ fit the mold of what Idol voters tend to like.

My curiosity is mostly about how far Alejandro is going to go. I’m still not even sure how far I think he should go at this point. He’s beginning to sound the same to me each week. Early favorites such as Laine and Laci Kaye are starting to sound the same to me, too. Madison’s big voice is a wild card. With Dimitrius gone, Jeremiah may be the best pure singer left.

I’m not sure what’s happening Monday night. My guide says, “Meet Your Favorites: A look at each finalist’s journey thus far, highlighting new, never-before seen songs, stories, performances and footage; favorite moments from the season.” So we’re doing outtakes in the middle of the season? I’m confused.

But next Sunday is devoted to Queen with Adam LambertADAM LAMBERT!!!! – as mentor. Queen’s songbook has something for everybody (Crazy Little Thing Called Love for Laine?) so that could be interesting. And because Adam. 🙂


[1] I’m not mentioning her brother Caleb who obviously plays a huge role in making their music. But at a show, all you really notice is Georgia.

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