19 for 2019

A long-time loyal follower of these here musings asked, “If you were going to create a playlist of songs “not be missed” from 2019, what songs would you include?” First, we at raysmusings.com love to be asked such questions almost as much as we like referring to ourselves as multiple people in the third person. Second, we love musing on what exactly is a “not to be missed” song.

That’s easy. It’s a song that for some extended period of time, I don’t want to miss hearing. It’s a song the artist MUST sing JUST FOR YOU at a live show. Not be missed songs typically begin with an ineffable feeling of aaaaaaaaah. And then comes an irresistible urge to smile (depending on the song, a stank face may come later). These are the inevitable, instantaneous reactions to the sound of a not to be missed song. It could have a sweet voice or a salty one; a catchy hook or the thunder of heavy metal. It could be funky, stanky, techy or wonky.

These were my nineteen most not be missed songs of 2019. They were the ones I kept going to again and again including (and especially) watching the videos on YouTube. I didn’t choose them. They chose me.

In alphabetical order or go to this link and put your Spotify app on Shuffle: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/45PwimEhjEadNKugddbGi5?si=yh6sFkzKQ9eD2sWJL4XNNA

Alaska Maggie Rogers

Bad Guy Billie Eilish

break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored Ariana Grande

Don’t Leave Tallulah

Don’t Start Now Dua Lipa

Gimme Banks

Hallucinations PVRIS

Hard Place H.E.R

Light On Maggie Rogers

Lo/Hi The Black Keys

Masters of Destiny Delain

Old Wounds PVRIS

Overglow Adam Lambert

Shine a Little Light The Black Keys

Skylight Liv Kristine

Sun Shines Gray (Alternate Mix) Steve Perry

Supernova Within Temptation

Superpower Adam Lambert

Tidal Wave Zarni De Vette

Just missing the cut:

  • Black Moon Rising Black Pumas
  • Lost in the Fire Gesaffelstein (feat. The Weeknd)
  • Mad World Within Temptation
  • New Eyes Adam Lambert.

They’ll be available on the Target exclusive deluxe edition. 🙂

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