30-Day Song Challenge Day 3 – A Song That Makes You Cry

Author Ed Miller: “Music is the weirdest human thing. A few dozen songs out of the zillions recorded fire off like a massive dopamine flood every time I hear them.

And then like other people don’t even like those songs.”

A friend and long-time loyal blog follower recently sent me a 30-Day Song Challenge meme in the hope that I couldn’t resist taking the challenge and blogging about it. Here’s Day #3 – A Song That Makes You Cry: Evanescence, My Heart Is Broken


I’m not much of a crier. But given the right moment – usually at a live show – I’m capable of a little moisture. I was definitely set up for such moment at a 2018 concert of my dreams – Lindsey Stirling and Evanescence (with orchestra). My Heart Is Broken is one of my two or three favorite Evanescence songs[1] and hearing it live re-imagined for orchestra . . . not tearing was not going to be possible.

Honorable Mention: Rod Stewart, Handbags and Gladrags

Honorable Mention: Dead by Sunrise, Let Down[2]

Honorable Mention: Soundgarden, Black Hole Sun[3]


[1] No, I’m not making that list now but My Immortal is easily on that list.

[2] R.I.P Chester Bennington

[3] R.I.P. Chris Cornell

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