Villains and Liars, Pt. 2

Our most recent episode was bookended by Bennett aka Wall $treet Dude now known as Bad Boy Bennett. One bookend had him being escorted out by Tayshia as the apparent loser of The Villain 1-Villain 2 Wars. The other bookend has him making an apparent triumphant return, if we are to believe the previews which we know can be highly problematic. If true, said return was foreshadowed in the inane lie detector test when Tayshia failed on the question of did she regret sending anybody home by saying “no”, thereby eliciting a beep from the Mac laptop and lighting up one of the Christmas tree lights.

The irony of Bad Boy Bennett now known as Low EQ[1] Bennett (LEQB) being sent to the limo was how his lack of emotional intelligence was his downfall even though he was lambasting Noah over his three alleged EQ deficiencies. Given my expertise in such matters, here is my assessment of Low EQ Bennett’s SIX areas of deficiency (as indicated in a prior blog, I use a different EQ model than the one LEQB seems to be familiar with probably from his corporate training class facilitated by someone other than me):

  1. Inflated Self-Regard – this should be obvious.
  2. Low Emotional Self-Awareness – he’s only able to see the drama through his own emotional filter rather than include Noah and Tayshia’s.
  3. Too active Emotional Expression – manifested by his constant self-centered injections into issues that don’t directly concern him.
  4. Overly active Assertiveness – this, too, should be obvious.
  5. Inadequate Problem Solving – as defined by his inability to manage problems involving emotions. One way this shows up is through an inability or unwillingness to disengage as a legitimate conflict resolution strategy. Hence, Tayshia questioning him on why he can’t get out of the drama.
  6. Poor Impulse Control – reflected in his inability to resist saying or doing something.

The look on Tayshia’s face during his TED talk on EQ said she wasn’t having any of it. I’d enjoy coaching you, LEQB, but it’s gonna cost you some heavy bank because you have it to spend.

Once dispensing (for the time being) with LEQB, Tayshia returns to smack down a grinning Noah who was thinking he was about to be crowned as the victor with the sounds of Queen singing We Are the Champions earworming in his head. Tayshia corrected that situation – “Don’t be smilin’ – and put him in his place by withholding the 2-on-1 date rose. Or if you’re a cynic like me, you believe the producers want to continue to drag out this drama out before sending him packing, too. It would be even better if you had LEQB come back! Oh, wait . . . .

The next person to go was this season’s Best Dressed Bachelor Demar. FYI, My Daughter Diandra (MDD) says he’s a good follow on Instagram.

Next up was the date between Ben and Tayshia which featured a heavy discussion about attempted suicide. I don’t want to gloss over it and MDD says that ex-Bachelor contestant Sharon Joynt wrote a great blog on this. I typically read Sharleen’s wonderful blogs after I’ve posted mine so that I’m not influenced by her great insider takes. But here’s the link.

I know I say this only all the time but the guys and Jojo!!! Seriously. Here’s reactions from her final appearance in this episode – the whole absurd lie detector thing[2].

After Villain 1 vs. Villain 2 drama, sending Demar home and hearing Ben’s history, Tayshia was ready for an upbeat cocktail party and toasted to that effect to which MDD responded, “Cheers to somebody’s demise.” 😂 Which, of course, is the next cliffhanger due to the return of a seriously smug LEQB.

With hometown visits hanging in the balance, maximum emotion pandemonium awaits.

This is getting good, people.

P.S. This episode’s viewing wine: Grand Terroir Tautavel Grenache – Syrah – Carignan. A nice quality-price ratio (under $10!) and 91 points from Wine Advocate. Available at Costco.

[1] EQ is the standard abbreviation for emotional intelligence.

[2] OK, Ray, why don’t you show some emotional intelligence by letting this thing go?

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