The First Votes Are In

Sixteen performances. Lots of ground to cover. Here’s the TL;DR[1] version: Surprisingly voted in – Graham[2](undeservedly) and Deshawn (deservedly). Surprisingly voted out – (eye-patched) Andrea who was so wonderful last week. The rest were quite predictable but do not interpret “predictable” as I believe that all of the surviving Idolists are worthy contenders. Some clearly are not (I’m looking at you Colin, Madison and Beane). And I really miss Simon Cowell.

And now here’s the long version. Kieren! Dim the lights!

6 points out of 5

  • Willie

OMG. That Fire to the Rain is an instant classic. One of my favorite Idol performances ever. Yes, I was crying during and after. The vocals were stellar. The emotions being served up were real. And the arrangement was AMAZING! The judges noted that moment when My Daughter Diandra (MDD) and I looked at each other when the chorus was supposed to go up but he took it down. WHAAAAAATTTTTT?????? And then he cascaded it up and up and up. I need him to record this.

I know he’s not going to win. But America, he is a gift and one we should want to receive each week.

5 points

  • Grace
  • Deshawn
  • Chayce

Deshawn seemed to come out of nowhere with a very professional jazzy version of Nina Simone’s classic Feeling Good. Chayce was more dynamic. Grace can sing. Period. Good song choice for her, too (Sia Elastic Heart).

4 points

  • Alanis
  • Wyatt
  • Cassandra
  • Casey
  • Ava

Alanis earned points for the bravest performance of the night (Brandi Carlisle The Story). Vocally not her best but I loved how she went for it. Cassandra finally came out of her shell on Wicked Game[3]. MDD is a huge Kings of Leon fan and the song 2002 by Anne Marie, so I had her evaluate Wyatt and Ava. She wanted to give Ava a 3.5 (great voice, stage presence; bad song choice and slowing down an upbeat song didn’t work; bonus points for taking the risk) but half-points are against the rules so she upgraded her. Rocker chick Casey – who did get a shout-out from Hayley Williams – was another theoretical 3.5 but got the upgrade for the second bravest performance of the night by taking on the wail of Chris Cornell in Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun[4].

3 points

  • Alyssa
  • Caleb
  • Hunter

Alyssa looks and carries herself like a star but her vocals were all over the place. When I saw what she was singing (Killing Me Softly With His Song), I said to MDD that it could be a good song to showcase her voice IF she doesn’t over-sing, which she did. And not particularly well. I could easily have given her 2 points but she has such a powerful stage presence.

Hunter is a combination of watered-down versions of Kris Allen’s looks and cheery personality, and Phillip Phillip’s vocals. Which is why he’s going to win this. Ugh.

2 points

  • Graham
  • Colin

Seriously, Graham? That’s Life? You actually thought that you can sing an iconic Sinatra song? Really? And more importantly, MDD needs an answer to the question she asked quite loudly, “WHY IS HE DOING THIS?”

No points assigned because we stopped watching them and started talking about other things

  • Madison
  • Beane


The four people who need to go are Madison, Beane, Graham and Colin. The remaining twelve would be among the best final twelve ever and maybe even the best. But I already feel the outrage coming. Cue Royal Blood Trouble: “I feel trouble coming, over and over again.”

Random Musings

  • There were no Luke-faces tonight.
  • The judges are ridiculous. Are they ever going to tell the truth to these Idolists?

[1] “too long; didn’t read” for those not hip to internet slang.

[2] Just going with first names the rest of the season. If you don’t know who I’m talking about at this point, they probably don’t belong on the Top 16.

[3] MDD noted that she downloaded the version by one of our old Idol faves Siobhan Magnus (6th place Season 9).

[4] One of my favorite songs – and singers – ever. I’ve been known to openly weep during it in his/their concerts. RIP.  

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