Voting Outrage and Boring Oscar Songs

Yes, this show infuriates me. The voters make me nuts. The judges’ comments are worthless. And what was with the sleepy, banal song choices from Oscar nominated movies? This was one of the worst theme nights I can remember. Yeah, I’m being especially crabby LOL.

Went home

  • Ava – Yes, I am shocked, irate and outraged.
  • Beane
  • Madison

Should Have Gone Home

  • Not Ava
  • Beane
  • Madison
  • Caleb, Chayce or Deshawn and I thought it would be Deshawn. I could have lived with Grace, also.

My Remaining Untouchables

  • Willie
  • Casey

He’s Going to Win Even Though He Shouldn’t

  • Hunter

And now the grades. Kieran! Dim the lights!

Grace Happy from Despicable Me. Good on the verses but lost energy in the chorus and the only thing anybody cares about in Happy is the chorus. The end was an over-sung train wreck trying to make the song be something it was never intended to be. I agree with Katy – Grace needs to figure out what kind of artist she intends to be. C-

Ava City of Stars from La La Land. Her voice is so, so beautiful. This performance was angelic, ethereal but admittedly wasn’t stirring and I guess it needed to be. A-

Vaya con dios. You will be sorely missed. 😦

Caleb On the Road Again from Honeysuckle Rose. Perfunctory. Competent. C+

Hunter Falling Slowly from Once. I agree with the judges. I don’t care that he (barely) flubbed the lyrics at the end. That was his best, most connected and most moving performance yet. Once is one of My Daughter Cassandra’s (MDC) faves and she gave Hunter an A-

His tears will help him win, says the cynic.

Madison Run to You from The Bodyguard. Why? Pitchy and completely devoid of energy. D

Chayce (Everything I Do) I Do It For You from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. The first half was terrible. The second half was pretty good. B-

Beane I Had the Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing. The start with the guitar was amazing! He should have stuck with that arrangement. Even the hardest core Dirty Dancing fan would have had to like it[1]. But then it went way off the rails to Cheesyland. F

Alyssa This Is Me from The Greatest Showman. Yes, Alyssa! Finally, a wonderfully controlled performance! When she’s good, she’s really good. And she just looks like a star. A-

Deshawn The Way We Were from The Way We Were. Vocally flawless but his voice isn’t powerful or interesting enough for him to maintain interest during a performance. So, he gets an A for technical ability and a D for stage presence. Overall, it’s a C.

Casey Somewhere Over the Rainbow from The Wizard of Oz. That was crazy. In a good way. She is a teenage alien. It’s not just that can hit the notes. She also knows what to do with them when she gets there. A

Cassandra the Lesser[2] Writing’s on The Wall from Spectre. I would have preferred she sing something more tender and intimate that plays to her considerable strengths. Still, this was a very well done performance. B+

Willie Stand Up from Harriet. He’s simply on another level. Nobody is close to his ability. A+

Random Musings

There seemed to some mix issues tonight causing the band to sound too loud and overpowering the singers.

In Summary

I’m still not calmed down from losing Ava. And I’m upset that I know Hunter is going to win. The only way I can get through is if Willie and Casey also get to the end so that I can keep hearing them sing. I’d also like to see if Alyssa improves. Everyone else is good but expendable.

This show will drive me to drink sometimes. Oh, I am drinking. A delightful Italian red.

I’ll be back soon with more outrage, I’m sure.

[1] I know this is true because I got a text from a hardcore Dirty fan who I KNEW wasn’t gonna have any part of anybody singing this song much less Beane and she admitted at the start “I might like this”. But then not so much.

[2] My Daughter Cassandra was here tonight and says that out of respect for her, I need to refer to Idolist Cassandra as the lesser Cassandra. She does like her singing, though.

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