Idolists Record Records

In an exciting Idol development, the remaining Idolists went into the recording studio to work with big-name producers on original songs and make recordings for release to the streaming services. They’ll perform those songs on Sunday and of course, I will be reviewing the Idolists’ live performances of them. But I’ve already listened to the recordings and I have some strong opinions[1]. Grading is simple: thumbs up, thumbs down, or meh.

Thumbs up

Casey Love Me, Leave Me Perfect song for her! It’s perfect because it’s not a rock song. After all, rock isn’t happening in a big way right now and what’s the music business – and by the business I mean the industry – going to do with a 16-year old rock singer? Love Me is a melodic, melancholic pop song with a catchy hook. Perfect. And it perfectly allows her room for all the magical things she can do with her voice.

I immediately thought this could be the kind of song Demi Lovato would do. My Daughter Diandra (MDD) has even bigger ambitions for Casey. She is seeing a resurgence in punk pop and the new song by global sensation Olivia Rodrigo, good 4 u, is just that. And it’s exactly the kind of song that Casey could be singing in the future.

I wouldn’t be surprised if 19 Entertainment[2] already has paperwork ready for Casey’s parents to sign and has had conversations with record labels.

Thumbs down

Willie Never Be Alone This is a mess. It’s only 2:37 long, so what is that about[3]? They put electronic effects on his immaculate voice. Seriously??? I’m really angry and I want to know who his producer was. If it’s Tricky Stewart[4], I’m really going to be mad. It’s actually not a bad song. It’s very suited to him. But the Auto-Tune on his voice is a non-starter for me. It’s no longer Willie and I don’t understand a single word he’s singing! Also, the song needs a bridge into an ascending final chorus or two. It’s probably too much to ask but can we get Sia to write something for him? And call up Greg Kursten for production since he’s worked with big singers like Adele, Sia, Kelly Clarkson, and Pink?

Grace Love Someone This sounds like somebody wrote something that they hoped Ariana Grande would record but Ariana listened to it and took a hard pass. Somebody finally got Grace to sing something sort of soft but it’s just not a good song.


Chayce 23 This song fits his voice and singing style but was just meh.

I love that Idol is doing this but the entire project seems under-developed. The songs sound like they were written and produced in a hurry. Even the photos are unimaginative, and in Willie’s case, what is that pose? That said, I’m looking forward to hearing how much different, if at all, all four songs will sound when performed live.


I have no desire or energy to comment on Caleb. This blog is supposed to be fun for me and hopefully for you, and I intend to keep it that way. I will be curious, though, to see how Idol decides to handle his situation in the broadcast.

P.S. It’s really weird to me that when you “record”, that is pronounced different than the “record” that gets made when you “record”. Just sayin’.


[1] To which a long-time follower of these Musings teased me by texting, “You? Strong feelings about music? Nooo!!”

[2] The management group for Idolists.

[3] The text I sent somebody about this was a bit more strongly worded.


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