The Women Yell All: Season 26

I’m actually going to recap this piece of trash. I will put in minimal effort, though. But I’m going to hate myself in the morning, anyway. So please tell me that you’ll love me tomorrow. [cue Carol King]

Hour 1. [cue Selena Gomez Bad Liar]

Yelling. Lots of yelling. Mean, angry, spiteful yelling. All directed at Shanae. I almost admire the come for me bishes attitude she threw at the girls, though.

It was a terrible move to have Shanae come to the therapy sofa to be subjected to even more direct public humiliation. It was ugly, and I really needed to use the Mute button.

Hour 1 to Hour 1:30. Unrequited Love [cue Evanescence Wasted On You] We hear from Teddi and Serene. Allegedly, Clay-doh’s[1] brother slid into Teddi’s DMs, but Clay-doh and his brother denied that on Twitter. Either way, Teddi said the only thing that made sense all night.

Hour 1:30-Hour 1:50. The Girls Come for Clayton.

But somebody named Kira came for Clay-doh in a different way.


I’m ready for this to be over. FYI, the next blog will likely be late this week. Other demands, plus it does seem this penultimate episode will be a lot to digest and muse on.

P.S. Surprise! No wine this week. Didn’t feel like wasting a bottle on a bad episode.

[1] Clay-doh is taken from the Claire Fallon and Emmy Gray Love to See It podcast.

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