Idol Auditions, Part 5

Monday night, while the judges were on their Feel Good Tour to Hollywood, giving out Golden Tickets to everybody with an interesting story, The Missing Mean Judge (TMMJ)[1] was on the case providing the critical balance that these audition shows need so much.

Out of the dozen-ish passes to Hollywood, TMMJ took note of three diamonds in the rough that may not survive that challenging test. However, each has raw talent that, if refined in the crucible of Hollywood, could be Top 24: Morgan Gruber, Emryson Flora, and Jay Copeland.

But there was one star of the night – professional ballet dancer Skyler Maxey-Wert – and the Evil Genius Producers (EGPs) saved him for The Glory Spot. Skyler auditioned with Donny Hathaway’s For All We Know and demonstrated the controlled soul that Donny was famous for. Gospel and R&B Idolists, take note of Skyler, please. Sing fewer notes and let those notes breathe. He could be an interesting Idolist.

Endorsed by Brandon Boyd of Incubus.

And that’s a wrap on auditions. I’m happy they are over. But wait! There’s more! The EGPs recently added an extra hour on Sunday after the Oscars. Why?

More importantly, Hollywood Week begins on Monday. Let the bloodbath begin.

See you next week.

[1] Referring to yourself in the third person AND giving yourself a nickname is more than mean. It’s also egotistical. TMMJ is OK with that. 🙂

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