Singing for Our Votes: Round 2

This past weekend was the 20th anniversary of the first American Idol’s first album. A lot has changed about Idol and the business the Idolists are seeking to have an impact in, but the dream of pop stardom remains the same. Having seen all 26 of the remaining Idolists, some are starting to breakaway from the field. But for the most part, I was channeling my inner Simon Cowell.

Here are my rankings for Round 2 of the Top 24 26. The grading is as follows:

  • A – Superior
  • B – Good, often meaning positive moments out-weighed negative ones
  • C – Meh, nothing memorable or distinctive
  • D – Ugh
  • F – A Gots-to-Go Situation

We´Ani (Edge of Midnight SkyMiley Cyrus, Stevie Nicks) Whew! She gave me chills! We´Ani looks like a star, performs like a star, and sings like a star. A

Michael Williams (Tuesday’s Jake Scott) This was unexpectedly good. Great tone to his voice.  Good looking guy. He could go far in this competition. A

Malik Heard (Ain’t It Fun Paramore) Superb R&B version. My Girl Haley Williams would be proud. A

Marybeth Byrd (Heart Like a Truck Lainey Wilson) Like Luke, I didn’t need the big finish which isn’t a strength of hers. Unlike Luke, she didn’t give me chills. Otherwise, a solid performance. B

Hannah Nicholaisen (Glitter in the Air Pink) Great song choice for her and performed it well despite being under the weather and not having her best voice. B

Olivia Soli (Emotions Mariah Carey) Lovely girl. Big voice. There are lots of lovely girls with big voices trying to be the next Mariah Carey. None of them are going to be. C

Elijah McCormick (Good Vibes Chris Janson) This song did nothing for him. Pitchy in his lower range. Too many meaningless runs. C

Dawson Wayne (Copycat Billie Eilish) Note to all Idolists. The judges (and I) don’t need to see another side of you. They (and I) need to see the best side of you. C

Megan Danielle (The Chain Fleetwood Mac) I’m not with the judges here (I can hear Simon’s voice dismissing the other judges’ rave reviews). She’s got a wonderful voice, but I didn’t like the song choice for her. Too shouty and not emotionally connected to the song enough for me. C

Colin Stough (Midnight Train to Memphis The Steeldrivers) I agree with the judges that he got swallowed up by the band and the big stage. C

Tyson Venegas (It Will Rain Bruno Mars) Good song choice for him but Tyson needs to grow his stage presence and performance. C

Paige Anne (Wrecking Ball Miley Cyrus) Pageanty. D

Nutsa (Paris (Ooh la la) Grace Potter) What a mess. The Evil Genius Producers used the Glory Spot on her? On that? F

What’s next? THREE-HOUR EPISODES on Sunday and Monday?

I will be traveling early next week into a different time zone which may compromise the timely delivery of these here Musings.

OOOOOOOH!!!! Adam LAMBERT ALERT!!!!! He will be mentoring the Top 12 on Sunday, April 30.

Until the next time, I’ll be listening to some great music. Kelly’s new single is bringing some serious post-divorce heat.

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