Recapping a Recap?

Seriously? An hour-long recap in the middle of a mid-season episode? So my musings are a recap of a recap? And Hannah B. says that, “All we talk about is stupid s**t?” Really? Do they not see the irony? And did any sane person really believe Hannah B. was going to throw in the towel... Continue Reading →

The Lukeness Monster

Go ahead and accuse me of Recency Bias, especially since I'm gonna get all psychological, anyway. But this was one of my favorite (and best?) episodes of The Bachelor franchise. Within the dichotomous spectrum[1] of scripted vs. real, the producers did a superb job of putting us viewers smack in the middle of that tension.... Continue Reading →

Will She Go Wrong with the Wrong Guy?

First, a little cleanup from last week. We need to address Astonishingly Badly Clad Cam’s outfit. A hoodie under a blazer and so committed to the look that he added a pocket square to the blazer. Seriously? Awesomely Botched Clothing. With that bit of lingering business cleaned up, we now turn our attention to the... Continue Reading →

Cam Cancelled. Red Flags for Luke P.

Now that Always Be Cam has Already Been Crossed-out we see that he’s Always Been a Crybaby. And what exactly was that concocted drivel about needing an amputation, his dying grandma and something about a puppy? And did he forget to say he only had three months to live or did the producers just cut... Continue Reading →

Hannah Gets Awkward – Again

It’s always awkward when you walk in on your “girlfriend” when she’s with her other “boyfriend” as he’s putting his clothes back on. I hate when that happens. It’s a shame that nobody’s ever written a country song for me to cue up. Maybe country singer (The Other Boyfriend) Jeb could write one. Or Cam... Continue Reading →

Week 1: Hannah B. Meets the Guys

Please. Help. Me. I think I’m starting to like Hannah B. After seeing her on The Bachelorette Reunion – shout out to My Girl Ali Fedotowsky who I will adore forever - there’s something about her prior awkwardness that is less awkward and more endearing. There’s probably more I like than that but I can’t... Continue Reading →

A Wilted Final Rose

“It was so amazing with you right from the start that I couldn’t see myself with anybody else. That’s why I decided to marry somebody else.” Yes, Becca the strong, independent-minded woman – self-described and validated by her family – was faced with a choice: one guy who promised to be her caretaker; or the... Continue Reading →

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