Showstoppers: The Final Judgement – Night 1

For whatever reasons, I came to Night One of Showstoppers: The Final Judgement in full Simon Cowell mode, a mode/mood that only got worse after hearing versions of Whipping Post and Proud Mary within the first three performances. Until the first commercial break, I thought that the channel was somehow switched to reruns of Midnight... Continue Reading →

Hollywood, Round 2 (Duets)

Round 2 (Duets) ended with a very nice and touching moment when Jayna Elise came out of the audience of Idolists to sing Adam Lambert's Whataya Want From Me with Fire when early contender Kaya Stewart shocked the judges by dropping out after coming on stage. And that ends the Feeling portion of the blog.... Continue Reading →

Hollywood, Round 1

Let us – and by “us” I mean “me” – muse about Round 1 in Hollywood. But first, let’s represent for Kool and the Gang and their classic Hollywood Swinging: So here I am, here I am in this Hollywood cityThe city of the stars, movies, women and carsWell I guess, I guess I have... Continue Reading →

A Bachelor Betrothal

And that’s a wrap. Perhaps it’s not too early to cue up Looks Like We Made It (Barry Manilow) because it looks like those crazy kids Zach and Kaity are actually gonna git hitched[1]. If so, they would be the first couple from The Bachelor to marry since Sean and Catherine back in 2014. That... Continue Reading →

Auditions 2023: Round 5 (and last)

Finally, the long slog of auditions is over. So many stories. So much looking at the rough and wondering if diamonds are in there. So many judges’ hijinks. Finally, we “are going to Hollywood”, to borrow an oft-shouted phrase. But before we get there, here are the three Idolists that captured my interest Sunday night.... Continue Reading →

The Chastity Suite

Zach and his trio of prospective wives head off to Thailand. Each of them is anticipating alone time with Zach without knowing what bombshell he plans to drop on them (cue Gap Band You Dropped a Bomb on Me). But first, Jesse grabs Zach to discuss his pre-game plan while reminding him that Fantasy Suites... Continue Reading →

Auditions 2023: Five from Round 4

Let’s muse about Round 4. I found some good ones this week, including a really good one. The Really Good One Warren Peay (To the Table Zach Williams). Warren has been called “The Christian Chris Stapleton”. That gritty, soulful voice comes from some heavenly realm no matter what his religion is. This is my new... Continue Reading →

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