Why This Bachelorette Season Was Great

A fabulous summary of why this Bachelorette season was so spectacular came from Sharleen Joynt who was one of my favorite Bachelor franchise "characters"[1]. Sharleen was on (that loser) Juan Pablo’s season and was awesome because she was a professional opera singer, incredibly intelligent, OMG drop dead gorgeous and excused herself from the show when she... Continue Reading →

Hannah B. Chooses to . . . Date (?)

Lies! Deceit! A cringeworthy proposal! Thank you, Bachelor franchise. Everything I’ve ever wanted, you were promising to deliver. Not only did you do that, you also gave me a logically satisfying ending – two people agreeing to go on a date. Yes, just a date. No Neil Lane ring. No engagement-and-we-break-up-later. Just a date. Like,... Continue Reading →

What Will Hannah Do?

The original plan for this episode’s blog took a turn when with fifteen minutes left, I decided to re-watch what I had already seen from the beginning for reasons to do with the fact that I’m a great father to My Daughter Cassandra and for her benefit I started the show over from the beginning... Continue Reading →

The Beauty Slays the Beast

“THIS IS SURE TO BE A SHOCKING AND EMOTIONAL NIGHT. SO SHOCKING, WE JUST COULDN’T WAIT TO SHOW YOU.” For once, Chris Harrison’s intentional self-deprecation lived up to the hype. We can thank Luke for this. Like every archetypal villain, he had to return for a second time to ultimately be defeated. Surely St. Lukeness... Continue Reading →

Surprise, Surprise!

I never saw it coming. I bet neither did you. You, me and all of Bachelor Nation had the same reaction when we saw that Hannah B. was going to be the Bachelorette. And we were all wrong. This season might be my favorite[1] and perhaps it’s high on your list, too. Here’s why. As... Continue Reading →

The Monster Gets Mashed

Wow, that Wimbledon Final was amazing. Last 30 minutes of The Bachelorette: "Hold my beer.” With the frantic hopes of frustrated Bachelor Nation fanatics resting in her rose-holding hands, Hannah B. - who was under tremendous pressure for most of the match date - came up big in the clutch, and with a steely-eyed resolve,... Continue Reading →

The Monster or The Musician?

[cue an imaginary cover of Mary MacGregor’s Torn Between Two Lovers redone by Madonna as a dance thumper retitled Torn Between Four Lovers. It will be an imaginary bonus track on her non-imaginary 2005 album Confessions on A Dance Floor; and inexplicably for Madonna, the video won’t be half as steamy as Tyler and Hannah... Continue Reading →

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