Will She Go Wrong with the Wrong Guy?

First, a little cleanup from last week. We need to address Astonishingly Badly Clad Cam’s outfit. A hoodie under a blazer and so committed to the look that he added a pocket square to the blazer. Seriously? Awesomely Botched Clothing. With that bit of lingering business cleaned up, we now turn our attention to the... Continue Reading →

Cam Cancelled. Red Flags for Luke P.

Now that Always Be Cam has Already Been Crossed-out we see that he’s Always Been a Crybaby. And what exactly was that concocted drivel about needing an amputation, his dying grandma and something about a puppy? And did he forget to say he only had three months to live or did the producers just cut... Continue Reading →

Hannah Gets Awkward – Again

It’s always awkward when you walk in on your “girlfriend” when she’s with her other “boyfriend” as he’s putting his clothes back on. I hate when that happens. It’s a shame that nobody’s ever written a country song for me to cue up. Maybe country singer (The Other Boyfriend) Jeb could write one. Or Cam... Continue Reading →

Wrong Winner. Again.

Yes. After three hours or 180 minutes or 10, 800 seconds or 1.08e+13 nanoseconds – however you want to count it - we find out that for the fiftyleventh time, the wrong person won American Idol. Wrong, but utterly predictable from the moment that the judges made Laine audition so many weeks ago when he... Continue Reading →

Week 1: Hannah B. Meets the Guys

Please. Help. Me. I think I’m starting to like Hannah B. After seeing her on The Bachelorette Reunion – shout out to My Girl Ali Fedotowsky who I will adore forever - there’s something about her prior awkwardness that is less awkward and more endearing. There’s probably more I like than that but I can’t... Continue Reading →

Idol? Or un-Idol?

I’m cutting to the chase – the judges have given out WAY TOO MANY standing ovations this year. Oh. The other chase is that Alejandro and Laci Kaye need to be in The Finale. And Alejandro needs to win. Oh. Laci Kaye didn’t make The Finale. This show makes me nuts. “That was a complete... Continue Reading →

Adam Lambert’s Ten Best Songs

In conjunction with the recent rush of publicity regarding Adam Lambert, Billboard got in the act this week by tweeting out their February article Adam Lambert's 10 Best Songs: Critic's Picks. Because they got it wrong Because mine are different, I felt it was my duty to go on the record with a more correct with my... Continue Reading →

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