Idol Is Back but Am I?

If you came for my musings on Idol’s Season 21 Premiere Sunday night, you’ll have to come back later. I was watching the NBA All-Star Game, the closing festivity in the three-day All-Star Weekend, aka “Black Thanksgiving.” But I will catch up on and react to the initial auditions, so do come back! That said,... Continue Reading →

When You Wish Upon (an Idol) Star, Part 2

Several themes emerged for me from tonight’s second round of Idolists performing for our votes. The most evident theme was originality and risk-taking. This was not your usual Idol Does Karaoke night. The performers took familiar songs and arranged them in unique ways. Because of that, you’ll see a lot of B grades from me... Continue Reading →

Idolists on the Charts

Having the Idolists record and release original music seems to be a good idea. As of this writing, here is where they are on the iTunes Top Songs Chart: All Categories (with other charts noted, if applicable) #1 Chayce (also #1 Country)[1]#13 Casey#14 Grace (also #5 Pop)#31 Willie (also #3 R&B)[2]#121 Hunter Metts 20,000 Kisses... Continue Reading →

We Have a (the right) New Idol!!!

Relief. Happiness. Validation. Not only did we get the right winner but we got an incredibly sweet and joyous ending. I admit I got quite a jolt when Kieran dimmed the lights and Ryan announced that My Girl Gabby was not going to be in the Final Twosome which we later learned should have been... Continue Reading →

Miscellaneous Mid-Week Musings

This post is basically an excuse to alert those of you who stay up late enough after the show to get the Musings when they are hot and fresh, you may not want to do that this Sunday. My Idols, Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors, have a big playoff game at the same... Continue Reading →

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