Insane Pain

It has been said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I have been blogging on Idol since 2008. Since the purpose of these here Musings are to watch the show through a particular perspective that is different from the typical viewer, I know that I will vote differently than the typical Idol voter. I can even predict who I and America will disagree on (see Zachariah). I should not be surprised by now that this will happen. And yet, when the results are tabulated and reported, my insanity kicks in and I am filled with outrage that the people I expected to disagree with me did disagree with me!

Here are my Musings on the Top Ten voting results.

They should call it American Country Idol. Country music is America’s 4th most consumed genre after Hip-Hop, Rock, and Pop (Hip-Hop is a non-entity on Idol). But Idol voters continually elevate country singers over Idolists from these more popular genres. This year half of the Top Ten were country; all three of the White Guys with Guitars (WGWGs) and both of the two women. And if history is a guide, the girls have no shot.

I believe that the Evil Genus Producers stocked the field intentionally this season with so many very talented non-country singers (mostly female) trying to break the trend of WGWG winners, especially since the two most successful recent post-Idol Idolists are females (Gabby Barrett and Jax). Good luck with that.

Mama don’t let your future Idolist grow up to be an R&B singer. Beginning with the Jennifer Hudson fiasco in Season 3, R&B-style singers (especially males) have done poorly on Idol. Gone this year are Elijah McCormick (platinum-ticket winner), PJAE, Malik Heard, and Matt Wilson.

I am stunned and outraged that musical stylists like Nailyah, KAEYRA, and Mariah Faith are out, while clearly less talented singers are still in. No need to name them as virtually all of those who are left are inferior to these three.

And Zachariah. I can’t even.

We´Ani should win. I can live with IAM Tongi.

See you next week. I know I have more insane pain ahead of me. Until that time, I’ll be listening to some great music. Speaking of Jax, I heard her recent #1 hit on my Uber driver’s radio.

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