And Iam Is the One

First, shoutout to My Daughter Cassandra (MDC) for her college graduation that I was busy attending, which was why I was not busy attending the Idol Finale. It’s a rather ironic circumstance that I neglected the first rule of test-taking taught by professors everywhere: when in doubt, stick with your first guess. Which is why... Continue Reading →

Insane Pain

It has been said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I have been blogging on Idol since 2008. Since the purpose of these here Musings are to watch the show through a particular perspective that is different from the typical viewer, I know that I will vote... Continue Reading →

Idol Is Back but Am I?

If you came for my musings on Idol’s Season 21 Premiere Sunday night, you’ll have to come back later. I was watching the NBA All-Star Game, the closing festivity in the three-day All-Star Weekend, aka “Black Thanksgiving.” But I will catch up on and react to the initial auditions, so do come back! That said,... Continue Reading →

The Great Idol Reunion

I had planned to write a blog tonight, but it was not my intention to write about the Idol reunion. However, it was a quick, fun blast from the past and too much fun not to share my favorite impressions. It also reminded me why I am still watching after all of these years. Idol... Continue Reading →

Idol Girls Doin’ Work

Kelly. Carrie. And Jax? While it’s quite premature to include Jax (3rd place, Season 14, 2014) among the Idol royalty, she is making her presence known in the pop world. In April I mentioned that she signed a record deal with Atlantic Records. That deal has already started paying off. Jax is in regular rotation... Continue Reading →

Jax Funny EP – My Musings

Two years ago, 18 year-old Jax was the most charismatic, captivating and capable Idolist in Idol’s penultimate season, and on her way to a third place finish – a result two places lower than it should have been. And not long after that, she was an 19 year-old with 12 cancerous tumors on her thyroid. Now, Jax... Continue Reading →

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