Ridin’ and Rasslin’ for Rachel

One consistent feature of this season is that Rachel is not here for the petty. She is the most crucial conversational contestant I’ve ever seen on any of these shows. In one of those conversations, she denied Double Dealin’ Demario’s appeal and upheld her prior ruling, banishing him to Bachelor Nation purgatory. Likewise, she forthrightly dispatched Bad Little Kid from Camp because she couldn’t get past her feelings that she’d always see him as a bad little kid from camp.

While I figured the Rose Ceremony was going to involve some drama[1] between the annoying Whaaa-Booom Guy and the whiny Aspiring Drummer, I did not figure both would go at the same time. Thank you, Rachel! I also hated that the producers held Diggy’s fate in the balance at the same time and admit I gave a shout and first-pump when he got the last rose. We’ve seen very little of him so far which leads me to believe we will be seeing lots of him later and maybe even much later.

ferrariTonight featured Dates-Ray-Would-Never-Go-On. Mud wrestling is a quick no even for Rachel – have I mentioned how much I like her? – and her adorable friend Raven[2]. And horse riding on Rodeo drive? When Rachel asks, “Are you ready to saddle up?”, unless she means we’re taking a Ferrari to the Armani store, that would be a no, too. Years of business trips to Scottsbluff, Nebraska hasn’t made me any less of a city slicker.

At this point, I have several questions.

Who is Brady? Where did he come from? Was he snuck in as a replacement for Double Dealin’ De?

Did Kenny the Wrestler – who I think is one of Rachel’s likes – lose the mud wrestling on purpose? I mean, c’mon, he’s a PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER!!!! It’s much ado about nothing and I suppose it makes him look endearing but I’m super competitive and the idea that I’d let someone win or someone would let me win is an abomination[3].

Has Eric gone from early fave to early flame-out?

Don’t people watch the show before they come on it? Don’t they realize it never goes well for those ratting people out (e.g. Taylor vs. Corinne on the most recent Bachelor)?

Most importantly, what is the drama with Lee the Country Singer aka Snake In the Grass going to look like next week? The previews seemed to indicate a racial element will be involved which is interesting given reports of his racist tweets (Google it). They seem to have come to light very recently which means the show was filmed prior to ABC’s awareness of them. But maybe the guys in the house figured something was up with him? It’s going to be interesting for me to see how this plays out.

Be back next week with more musings.

P.S. My Crack Research Staff informed me that there was a brief clip of the song Roll Up by Fitz and the Tantrums during last week’s basketball group date. Good band with an amazingly high-energy fun live act – I’ve seen them seven times in five different states.


[1] Girl drama on The Bachelor. Guy drama on The Bachelorette. I find the girl drama entertaining and the guy drama boorish. Am I projecting because I’m a guy? And should I really be psychoanalyzing myself through these shows?

[2] Word is My Girl Raven is going on Bachelor in Paradise. This makes me happy.

[3] My family stopped playing board games with me long ago. I know that makes me a bad person.

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