Miscellaneous Mid-Week Musings

StephThis post is basically an excuse to alert those of you who stay up late enough after the show to get the Musings when they are hot and fresh, you may not want to do that this Sunday. My Idols, Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors, have a big playoff game at the same time as Idol and they take priority.[1] So the plan is to watch Idol after the game via the magic of DVR and dutifully report my musings in the wee small hours[2] of the morning.

While the quality of the Idolists performances will still matter to me, I like to use the final round of competition (and Grand Finale) to evaluate them as to their readiness to compete post-Idol. What kind of identity will they choose to present themselves as artists? Does this persona have star power and presence? Do they have the kind of versatility to make an interesting album and put together a compelling live show? How will they rise to the pressure of the highest stakes?

As I’ve mused many times, Idol used to get the winners right consistently in its early years and much less so in later years. When Trent Harmon came on last Sunday to talk with Ryan about his “new” (two years after his Idol win) album, a friend texted me, “Who is this?” No disrespect to Trent but as a brand, Idol can’t have this kind of “winner” again this season.

Speaking of winners, I neglected to mention either possible foreshadowing or attempting to influence the voting in Sunday’s show. In the opening Idols Sing with Carrie Underwood segment – a decided upgrade from The Cheesy-Idol-Sing-a-Longs from years past – My Girls Gabby and Maddie (MGG and MGM) were positioned in the front of the group with Cade, Caleb and Michael J placed behind as if they were supporting the lead singers, which they were since My Girls were the only ones to trade solo moments with Carrie. I’m pretty certain this was intentional. The Evil Genius Producers have been positioning MGG as a – if not the – frontrunner all season[3]. And MGM has deservedly been given the dark horse treatment as the unlikely Idolist who broke out to the front of the pack.

See you (late) Sunday. Go Steph the Warriors!


[1] And in an aggressive way. Family members close themselves in their bedrooms or leave the house altogether to avoid the rather intensely emotive way I watch the Warriors.

[2] Yes, that’s the name of a classic Sinatra album, considered to be the first concept album.

[3] Along with Jurnee who failed to live up to the show’s “packaging” as they say in the business and by the business, I mean the industry.

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