Idol’s Back and So Am I

After all of these years my favorite phrase on television is still, “YOU’RE GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!!” Well, that and when Chris Harrison tells some broken-hearted loser on The Bachelor/Bachelorette, “[Name of broken-hearted loser] I’m sorry. Take a moment. Say your goodbyes.” The excitement of the Idolists when they get that Golden Ticket, the knowledge that one of them is going to be THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL and the possibility that one of them could turn out to be somebody I’m following in the future is what I’m here for. So, here I am again musing on yet another season of American Idol. Like Chicago sang:

I’m addicted to ya babe
You’re a hard habit to break

As with last year’s reboot, showing Idolists from a variety of audition cities has a freer and faster flow compared to the tediousness of the auditions on the original version of the show. The two hours of songs, backstories, and banter moved along nicely and seamlessly – even when scripted like the whole potato chip thing had to be with the girl who works at In-N-Out Burger. Also intact from last season is the feel good, playful vibe of Lionel, Katy and Luke. Personally, I could do with less Katy but ABC isn’t paying her $25 mill to just fit in. And I can do without the (annual) breathless proclamations of this season having THE BEST TALENT IN IDOL HISTORY. Geez, just a week ago on the same network a couple of pretty well-known alumni in Idol history – Adam Lambert and Jennifer Hudson – sang on a little show I like to call The Oscars. So, please, Idol, slow your roll a bit on the self-aggrandizing pronouncements.

As to this talent, here’s who stood out for me tonight:

  • Tyler Mitchell – big, tall, handsome country singer with a great voice
  • Myra Tran – little, short, cute Vietnamese girl with a BIG voice; My Crack Research Staff[1] found out that she won X Factor Vietnam in 2016.
  • Tiffanne (pronounced like Tiffany[2]) Lemay – beautiful, soulful tone to her voice

I’m keeping a bookmark on Nick Townsend who closed the show. I’m not in love with his voice but he has a captivating tone and delivery.

Idol is back on Wednesday.

And the way I feel now I guess
I’ll be with you till the end

Yes, that’s from Lionel’s Stuck on You.

See you later this week.


[1] me

[2] But I love the spelling!

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