Hannah G. (the “G” is for Girl In A Country Song)

Like Hannah G., I, too, am a content creator. I am a writer, presenter, and instructional designer. I was the executive producer/video editor/soundtrack curator[1] of an insanely hilarious video for a school project by My Daughter Diandra. In 5th grade I wrote a play, cast myself as Zeus and the cutest girl in class as Hera. However, my content is clearly not getting the same level of views as Hannah G.’s content.

Thanks to My Crack Research Staff (in this case me), I was able to find that much like The Bachelor, some of her content has been viewed millions of times as the object of male fascination in . . . country music videos. Here are shots of her in four of them along with the videos for those that, unlike me, listen to country music (the Thomas Rhett remix is kinda cool, though). County music fans – at least give me credit for my clever title. 🙂

Ahhh . . . will she get a ring from Colton like in the Darius video or be the one that gets away as Thomas Rhett’s mystery girl?

Darius Rucker For The First Time


Thomas Rhett Leave Right Now (Martin Jensen Mix)



Dylan Schneider No Problem


Seth Ennis Woke Up in Nashville


And then My Girl Ali Fedotowsky[2] came across this. It’s not always about the guys.




[1] Some killer dance bops by Afrika Bambaataa.

[2] Sadly, I never saw her on either Bachelor or Bachelorette. I discovered her when she was hosting NBC’s First Look each week after SNL.

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