Week 1: Hannah B. Meets the Guys

Hannah BPlease. Help. Me. I think I’m starting to like Hannah B. After seeing her on The Bachelorette Reunion – shout out to My Girl Ali Fedotowsky who I will adore forever – there’s something about her prior awkwardness that is less awkward and more endearing. There’s probably more I like than that but I can’t put my finger on it which is a problem because that means I like her just because I like her which means I’ll eventually figure it out and then really like her.

Of course, this depends on whether I approve of the guys – cue Lady Gaga Boys Boys, Boys – she approves of and there is still plenty of time to dislike them. I was kind of bummed she sent Chasen the pilot home, if only because it precludes me from repeated Take Me to the Pilot (Elton John) song references although I suppose now he’s Leaving on a Jet Plane. 🙂

demiThere were two opening night highlights for me. The very clear first highlight was an appearance by former villainess Demi the Dastardly Diva in a cameo role as Demi the Dirt Digging Detective. Somehow, she managed to get some scoop the day before filming (wink, wink, nod, nod[1]) that Scott may have been double-dealing with a girlfriend back at home.

This led to my other highlight which was the take-no-prisoners way Hannah B. dealt with double-dealing Scott. Later, dude! OK, there’s another data point that made me like her. It’s Week One and she is putting the guys on notice that they better be here for the right reasons and no BS will be tolerated.

(Editors note: I can’t wait to see Demi in Paradise.)

As to the guys, I only managed to take notice of two given the typical large number of similar-looking Greek god type men. Cam, aka “ABC – Always Be Cam”, can “SBC – Stop Being Cam” with his pretentious, gawdawful rapping any time. And by any time, I mean immediately.

Pastor LukeThe other guy who stood out was (Pastor[2]) Luke who got the First Impression Rose for assertively taking the opportunity to encourage Hannah B. after she was upset for having to deal with double-dealing Scott. It was the right move on his part but on a show that loves its dashing-guy-rescuing-damsel-in-distress tropes, I feel like that was scripted just for him. I simply cannot imagine in a room full of said dashing guys that he would be the only one to rush over to console the alleged girl of their dreams.

Which also guarantees that we’ll be watching with interest who else Hannah B. adds to our list of potential serious suitors.

Roll Tide.


[1] I’m certain that only Demi knew about this. No way the producers knew already and cast Scott in the show because it would make good TV. (wink, wink, nod, nod)

[2] Not actually a pastor but it fits his persona, right?

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