Wrong Winner. Again.

Yes. After three hours or 180 minutes or 10, 800 seconds or 1.08e+13 nanoseconds – however you want to count it – we find out that for the fiftyleventh time, the wrong person won American Idol.

Wrong, but utterly predictable from the moment that the judges made Laine audition so many weeks ago when he came along to support a friend. White guy with guitar wins again. Ho-hum. And then likely goes on to obscurity. So what else is new?

Luke Bryan on Alejandro: “Just send me a postcard from the planet you come from.” Alejandro should’ve won this and it shouldn’t have been close. On the Finale of a glorified karaoke show, dude throws down four original songs. Plus he SANG WITH AN ORCHESTRA!!! He just needs to make an album of the songs he performed on the show.

After the result was announced, I rewound the DVR back to Adam Lambert’s stunning performance as if to remind myself (again), that the most talented Idolists usually don’t win and things can turn out OK for them.

I’ll stop beating the dead horse. Here are some other random musings, in no particular order.

Tonight’s Idol Finale was too long by an hour, or by 60 minutes, or by 3,600 seconds or by 3.6e+12 nanoseconds. Sorry, producers, the talent level of the Idolists isn’t enough to carry a three-hour show.

Madison had me forgetting about the inaccurate and so-2003 Kelly Clarkson comparison when she sang Shallow so well. And then she came back and with a dreadfully nervous and pitchy version of Kelly’s Breakaway from 2004.

Laine has never been awful and never been great. This is pretty much the definition of average.

Adam Lambert, on the other hand, is far from average.

giphy (4)

These two people were robbed: Laci Kaye and Jeremiah. The two of them plus Alejandro should have been the Final Three. Their duets with Luke and Katy, respectively, were fabulous, especially Katy and Jeremiah on Unconditionally. I do have to remind the producers, however, that Every Breath You Take is a stalker song, so a duet with an older guy and young girl is really kind of creepy even if they sing it well.

At worst, Dimitrius should have been in the Final Four. He and Adam singing Bohemian Rhapsody was fabulous.

The definition of irony is Weezer singing cover songs alongside contestants of a show where they do cover songs.

Really? The guy that SANG WITH AN ORCHESTRA didn’t win???

giphy (5).gif

giphy (6)

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