Let’s Get Serious

With Tuesday night’s finale still in front of us, this past Tuesday’s episode felt very much like the two warm-up bands before the headliner act we’re excitedly waiting for. The first hour or so was much like many first warm-up bands in that there was very little worth paying attention to[1]. Therefore, I’m moving on to the second warm-up act, i.e. the second half of Tuesday’s show.

[cue Jermaine Jackson Let’s Get Serious] The “second band” began with Chris Harrison’s surprise announcement that Paradise is effectively over and the remaining couples need to start having those hard conversations about Fantasy Suite dates and all that they imply: being in a committed relationship to continue after Paradise and possibly even a proposal – and marriage? – made on the Mexican sands. This is where the second warm-up got the party started[2].

Love Don’t Love Me Eric Benet. Sydney, Haley and Revian leave Paradise roseless and relationshipless.

It Ain’t Me Babe The Turtles[3]:

  • Brie leaves Matt who chose her supermodel looks over deep conversations with Sydney because all he seemed to be attracted to was her supermodel looks. Brie served up a double-shot of rejection by turning down a rose from Luke S. aka “The Poor Man’s Luke Viall.” (I love how Luke Viall went from villain to Bachelor Nation  legend)
  • Angela can’t get there with some guy I don’t recall after Clay not being able to get there with her.

The Love I Lost Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes. JPJ proclaims his undying love but gets devastated by Tayshia. She just wasn’t there and wasn’t sure she was going to get there. This was actually pretty predictable.

giphy (26)

How Can I Be Sure Young Rascals[4] My Queen Demi and Kristian; and Chris and Katie. Both Chris and My Queen are plagued with self-doubts. They’re heading to the Fantasy Suite but the producers clearly want us to wonder whether these relationships can survive the uncertainty.

It’s Growing The Temptations. Nicole and Clay decide to take things to the next level in the Fantasy Suite with all its implications. While on the one hand this relationship seems to finally be progressing, I can’t shake the feeling that Clay just isn’t getting to the finish line and Nicole has a future heartbreak in store. So just in case, I’m keeping Do You Really Want to Hurt Me (Culture Club) ready to put on the turntable.

Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. The Impossibly Cute Hannah G. and Dylan are in deep. Way deep. Despite my season long objections to the contrary.

wrong (27)

So now we have one giant cliffhanger – THE MOMENT OF TRUTH for all these couples per Chris Harrison’s breathless tease. The headlining band we’re so excited for is up next! As always . . .

giphy (16)


[1] I do have mad respect for first warm-up bands. It’s a key step in a music career. I’ve been entertained by some but the reality is that I’ve seen more misses than hits with them.

[2] I’ve seen or discovered many amazing second warm-up acts. I started to mention some and realized there’s too many to mention.

[3] Written and first performed by Dylan.

[4] I’ve always loved this song. It’s gorgeous.

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