It’s Not Over ’til It’s Over

My Daughter Cassandra’s (MDC) friend RM[1] came over for the second week in a row  – and so it’s official, I now have hosted Bachelor watch parties plural. Is there a badge or ID card for that or anything?

The big themes from this week were the Hannah B./Peter Thang [HBPT] and Alexa’s fabulous hair.

IMG_1598OK maybe not the latter although it is fabulous.

[cue Daughtry It’s Not Over] The HBPT began last week when Chris asked Peter if he was over Hannah B. Peter paused and inhaled. And then he looked like this when he answered the question.


I’m not a body language expert but frequently a pause and inhale precede a lie, and typically[2] “Looking down, especially with someone not looking the other person in the eye, is usually associated as submissive (i.e. not dominant) eye body language. So, that person may not be very comfortable in your presence, or feeling guilty of something.”[3]

In other words, although he said he was over Hannah B., he was still feeling Hannah B. Which was pretty obvious at the group date.


Case closed.

They key line for me in their conversation was when Peter said, “You said no to me. I never said no to you.”

Again, case closed.

And then at the cocktail party – and aren’t we all glad the whole group date sex story sharing thing never happened – Peter somehow declared he and Hannah got everything off their chest and it’s all over now. Uh, when did that happen? In what world is, “I’ve got to get back to the girls”, a final and official break-up line?

nope (2)

I don’t think we are close to the end of the HBPT and I’m here for it. I think a little mystery about that hanging over the season adds a little spice and I believe the girls in the house agree with me.


[cue Neil Sedaka Bad Blood[4]]

The other major theme of the night was Champagne-gate aka The Champagne Scandal. Apparently, Krazy Kelsey has never watched the show and had not noticed while on the show that wine is freaking EVERYWHERE!!!!! Therefore, it was quite possible and even likely that another girl might have mistaken the special bottle of bubbly she brought for Peter from Des Moines as one of the many bottles readily available for partaking. And when “another girl” turned out to be Hannah A., Krazy Kelsey got kooky and hurled some very kritical akkusations at her.

That said, some of her barbs were very specific (“snake”), the 0-60 nature of her initial outburst was so dramatic, and the fact that she would NOT let it go (like saying “I’m over it” while heading to the Ladies room to cry) does suggest there may be some untelevised history between these two. This sets up two pretty big personalities as kombatants with various house members taking sides and an inevitable two-on-one date that sends one of them (hopefully Krazy Kelsey) home. In any kase, I’m here for that, too. Especially, if Hannah A. does indeed have a dark side, since Peter seems into her. That would be fun.

By the way, I LOVED the group date fashion show contest. Call me nuts but I’d much rather see girls get dressed up than guys taking off their clothes as we often see on The Bachelorette. I may be in the minority on this. 🙂

IMG_1599I think Hannah A. moved herself into contender status (which I have yet to endorse) but My Girl Madison is still the early leader.

Not counting the ghost of Hannah B.IMG_1600

See you next time although work related things may cause the blog to come out later in the week.


[1] Not her real name

[2] Real experts first establish a baseline for each person they’re analyzing. Since I’m not an expert, I’m free to interpret Peter without that although he usually is someone who makes strong eye contact in conversation.

[3]; other sites have similar information.

[4] I may be the only person alive (including Neil, himself) that remembers this song. The bitch is in her smile/The lie is on her lips/Such an evil child.

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