Madi Stands Her Ground – But for How Long?

BattleWe sports fans got treated to two great fights within 48 hours. Saturday night was the Wilder/Fury heavyweight boxing championship. And Monday night we had an epic battle between Madi and the girls, Madi and Peter, and Madi and her own conscience.

The latter battle began when Madi pulled Peter aside after the Rose Ceremony for a really emotional but very vague talk about her concern for Fantasy Suite Week. Peter should have pressed her for more clarity about the implications of her concerns but there was no chance of that. Instead, The Master of Communication Disaster opted to tell her how he feels for her as if that would make her deep moral concerns go away.

giphy (18)

Gotta give big ups to the evil genius of the producers for setting the stage for maximum drama by having the girls room together – awkward! – and having Madi go on the last date.


There is no question that Madi was the star of the show even when she wasn’t on the screen. All roads led back to how she would choose to handle her and the other girls’ time in the Fantasy Suite. For her part, she leaned into her principles with both head (“I can’t accept a proposal from someone who slept with two other girls the week before”) and heart (“I don’t want to feel bad for who I am”). It’s really hard to argue with both of those positions but it still does beg the question of how did she not know this was what she was signing up for.

And now this commercial break.


Wait. What? Is this in response to Bachelor Nation thinking the girls have been too young??

Back to the show. While Madi struggled to put the hammer down – frustratingly so – she certainly showed much more discernment than Peter who is intent on being in love with everybody even as he is within a week of proposing to somebody. As to Hannah Ann’s sunny “I believe in us” optimism, he says, “If this what love is . . . then I never want to come down from this.”

And then they did the Fantasy Suite thing.


And then there’s The Mistress of Mayhem Victoria F. What a mess:

“I love everything about my relationship with Victoria except when it comes to just communicating.” (Once again ignoring massive red flags.)

“Our chemistry is insane.” (Yeah, if by chemistry you mean nitro and glycerine.)

Him: “Just don’t push me away.” Her: “I’m not” (while she’s pushing him away).

And then they did the Fantasy Suite thing.


And now this commercial break.


Wait. What? This has got to be awful. (checks calendar to see if he’s free that night)

And finally, there’s Madi and her doubts to which he repeatedly pleads with her, “Don’t walk away from this.” And at that point, we were left hanging on the cliff. What we saw of their Fantasy Suite ended with Peter as usual trying to tell her how she should feel 80CB3B4E-D50E-4F5A-A11C-CAF21145AA2B_1_201_abecause of how he feels. Then we got a preview of just two girls left at the pre-altar and Hannah asking, “Where’s Madi?” And we are left to wonder who is this girl that Peter’s mom is so over-possessively insistent about. “BRING. HER. HOME. That’s what love stories are made of. Bring her home. BRING HER HOME TO US.

This woman is terrifying.

Personally, this was a(nother) dissatisfying episode. I’m still raw over Kobe Bryant so Victoria F.’s helicopter date was a non-starter for me. And heights terrify me so Madi’s building climb date was another hard pass. And Peter is so frustrating, I’m just ready for all of this to end and hopefully badly. It’s so bizarre that he’s seriously considering marrying not one but two girls he’s so clearly not aligned with. Dude is toxic. And if you bring his mom into the equation, he’s a Freudian psychologist’s Oedipal complex delight.

On a more pleasant note, I just learned the acronym “dtmfa” from Twitter. It’s “drop the [I think you can figure out the next two letters] already”[1] and it was used in reference to Madison. I want her so gone from him.

run away

I’m ready so for next weeks’ The Women Tell All.



[1] It’s over ten years old. Subtract an appropriate number of points from my Hipness Quotient for not knowing about it.

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