Grammy Nominations – Initial Reactions

The Weeknd. Usually I save my outrage for the actual awards but how in the fresh %#*@ does The Weeknd not get a single nomination? Seriously?? His distinctive know-him-when-you-hear-him blend of pop, R&B, synth and Hip-Hop makes him as creative as any artist working right now. Oh, and his ubiquitous hit Blinding Lights has the record for most weeks in the Top 5 and Top 10 on Billboard. His nomination snub is simply shocking.

Women Getting It Done, Pt. 1. Every nominee for Best country album is a female: Ingrid Andress; Brandy Clark; Miranda Lambert; Little Big Town (two of the band’s four musicians are women) and Ashley McBryde. The problems of women trying to get airplay on country radio has been well-documented. Maybe radio will get a clue and start playing them more now.

Women Getting It Done, Pt. 2. Every nominee for Best rock performance is a female: Fiona Apple; Phoebe Bridgers; Haim; Brittany Howard; and Grace Potter.

Billie Eilish. She won the big four[1] last year. And she’s back again this year with four new nominations. [Sidenote: I think she’s amazing.]

Best new artist. I don’t understand this category. I have no idea what “new” means to The Academy. Dua Lipa won last year. I had been listening to her for years. I spit out whatever I was drinking when I saw Kaytranada’s nomination this year. I’ve been listening to his stuff for four or five years. And Phoebe Bridgers is in the new artist category this year despite being nominated twice for her second album.

BTS. I’m noting this for my friend and loyal Musings follower Sherri. She’s a serious stan. And their song Dynamite (up for Best pop duo/group performance) is a perfectly earwormy, catchy pop song.

Black Pumas. Last year’s Best new artist got three nominations this year. They’re awesome. You should check them out.

Seriously?? NO nominations for The Weeknd?

[1] Record, Album and Song of the Year and Best New Artist

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