My Favorite International Women’s Voices

If I had been better prepared I would have been a day earlier and taken a more thoughtful and respectful approach to this for International Women’s Day. I could say more about each of the women below and I have in various posts over the years. In my haste, I’m sure I’m omitting some. I’ve always said that all the proof I need that God exists is that there is such a thing as the female singing voice. In no particular order, here are the international female voices I have obsessed over.

Liv Kristine Norway (ex-Leaves’ Eyes). The voice of an angel.

Charlotte Wessels The Netherlands (ex-Delain). What Karen Carpenter (one of my all-time favorite singers) would sound like if she were a singer for a symphonic metal band.

Jennifer Haben Germany Beyond the Black. What Pat Benatar (one of my all-time favorite singers) would sound like if she were a singer for a symphonic metal band.

Adrienne Liesching South Africa (ex-The Benjamin Gate). Two incomparable albums too far ahead of their time. The disbanding of this group still haunts me almost 20 years later. One of the most unique voices ever.

Christina Scabbia Italy Lacuna Coil. Power.

Sharon den Adel The Netherlands Within Temptation. Sounds as stunningly beautiful singing symphonic metal as power rock/pop.

And then there is my London division.

Paloma Faith. Pop. R&B. Disco. 60s retro. Torch songs. Versatility as a virtue.

Ella Eyre. In another era, she’d be a Motown star.

Jessie Ware. So, so smooth. So, so sultry.

Katy B. My Girl. Period.

Lisa Stansfield. See Jessie Ware, above. They’re cut from the same cloth.

Marsha Ambrosius. The epitome of smooth 2010’s R&B.

Eli & Fur. Cool house music with ethereal vocals.

Thank you, ladies.

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