Katie’s Got Feelings

About 20 seconds in we heard “trust the journey”. Throwing “trust” in there rates an extra sip. And then about another minute later we heard the first of 2,482,095,345 uses of the phrase “right reasons”. I think My Daughter Diandra (MDD) and I killed a bottle of wine tonight.

There are still too many guys but thanks to Katie’s open directness about her feelings, some clear favorites are already emerging. The Evil Genius Producers (EGPs) gave a lot of screen time to Greg, Aaron, Andrew and Thomas, all among the “most impressive” in my last blog How to Impression.

Greg followed up his First Impression Rose win by getting the first 1-on-1. It was a camping date. For my viewing displeasure, dates involving heights are the absolute worst. Camping dates are second. “Camping” to me means a night at a Holiday Inn and a free breakfast of an English Muffin and a couple of hard-boiled eggs. Maybe on the eggs. My Daughter Cassandra (MDC) was texting me when Greg was failing miserably on setting up a tent. He actually could fish, though, which I found disturbing. Pretty much enjoying the outdoors for me means playing on a tennis or basketball court. But I digress.

What we learned from this date was she got vulnerable early, he got vulnerable later, they are REALLY into each other, and already VERY connected. And they got fireworks! [yes, cue Katy Perry Firework]. It may be a little early for this but . . .

And if it isn’t, the breakup will be BRUTAL.

In spite of some serious sparks between Katie and both Thomas and Aaron, it was Andrew who got the second group date rose. I feel like her connections with Thomas and Aaron are stronger so a part of me wonders how much this was decided/influenced/suggested/requested by the EGPs.

Let’s talk storylines. The “whole saving myself for marriage” trope is tiresome. We’ve seen this too many times. Fine – after all the set-up drama, the guy involved got the Group Date Rose which we should have suspected would happen but we didn’t so points to the EGPs for that. I’m still tired of it. This guy isn’t going to be around long, anyway, right? So he’s just there in service of storyline.

Guys wrestling is another one. Seen this too many times. And poor Tayshia – how many times will she have to sit through bad mens’ “talent” shows? [cue Madonna Sorry (“I’ve heard it all before, I’ve heard it all before, I’ve heard it all before.”)]

Bottom line, we need more creativity in dates. Some of the familiar tropes we need, e.g. being here for the right reasons and villain/villainess. These are the two big ones we rely on. But along with the casts becoming more diverse, how about more diversity in storylines and dates? With Chris Harrison gone, maybe it’s time to freshen things up. [cue Patti LaBelle New Attitude]

And speaking of diversity and villains, I’m kinda enjoying pot-stirring-without-actual-evidence Carl as the early villain. Is it just me or does he remind you of Chris Rock?

Early observation – I like Katie’s decisiveness. She didn’t drag us through a few tedious episodes of Aaron vs. Cody. She just sent Cody packing for being here for the wrong reasons – cue Ray Charles Hit the Road Jack and take another sip for “wrong reasons”. I also loved her outfits tonight (MDC disagreed with me on the first one via text) except for the last one which MDD described as a “prom dress instead of a nice dress”.

That’s what I got for tonight. See you next week.

P.S Tonight’s viewing wine was Ed Edmundo – an Argentine Cabernet bought as a birthday present for me from MDD and, quite slyly, something we could share during the show. Great quality-to-price ratio. “A juicy and fruity Cabernet Sauvignon with plenty of blueberries, currants, and just a hint of vanilla. Full body, light tannins, and a fruity finish. Outstanding value.”

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