Ain’t No Woman Like the One He Ain’t Got

Night 1 of the 2-Night Finale was a LOT. And we’ve been promised another drama-filled night including supposedly a spoiler-proof After The Final Rose.  I’m quickly summarizing moments from Monday night that got my attention with so much to look forward to.

Can somebody explain the opening scene with Clayton and a church choir?

Jessie tells us that the show is trending #1 worldwide on Twitter. After all of the broken-hearts, the drama, the public humiliations, and the hours we’ve somehow spent entertaining ourselves with this craziness, the mission of The Bachelor Franchise is clear: it’s not about people finding love; it’s about getting people tweeting en masse.

This woman in the live audience is all of us listening to Clay-dumb explain to Gabby and Rachel why it was wrong for Susie to have left him after he “explored” his relationship with those two.

Bachelor Nation watching Gabby blow him up over being “measured” against the other girls and then not accepting his rose.

Me trying to understand Clay-duhn’s basic message that each of the girls should keep fighting for him to allow him more time to determine which one he loves “the most.”

With Gabby gone, Rachel is not thrilled at being leftovers.

But Gabby comes back and accepts a rose?!?

Nick Viall is the voice of reason by reminding us that Claytoad weighed his love for Rachel and Gabby on the scales and found it wanting compared to his love for Susie.

“He left out the most important thing, which was he told Susie he loved her the most.”

Wait, what? Jessie Palmer shows up at Clay-ins family’s Airbnb right at a critical part of their conversation? My Daughter Cassandra (MDC) said she would have screwed the scene up by missing the producer’s cue and going in too early. Notice that the family isn’t fazed by him walking through the front door. I’ll have to tell MDC that they probably did multiple takes.

Basically, the entire episode and the fate of the entire season rests on this – Clay-doh is still stuck on Susie.

And that is the cliff we are hanging on for Tuesday night’s Finale.

P.S. I am returning this week to Amore Asoluto Antiche Terre Venete – a nice Northern Italian red blend that was less than $9 at my Costco.

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