The Great Idol Reunion

I had planned to write a blog tonight, but it was not my intention to write about the Idol reunion. However, it was a quick, fun blast from the past and too much fun not to share my favorite impressions. It also reminded me why I am still watching after all of these years. Idol is the only singing show that could make an episode of alumni who went on to have success in the music business, and by the business, I mean the industry. And Idol made this reunion episode WITHOUT their Big Four of Kelly, Carrie, Adam, and JHud.

My first significant impression was how great Laci Kaye Booth looked and sounded. She should have been in the Finale three years ago with Alejandro (Scarypoolparty).

I loved the shtick of the appearance of Paula and Randy that began with Luke and Lionel complaining about people having taken their seats. “That lady said she was here first, and the guy said something about a dog (dawg).”

Jordin Sparks and Ruben Studdard did a wonderful duet on George Michael and Aretha’s I Knew You Were Waiting for Me. They are such pros now, so it’s hard to remember what they were like back in the Idol days. Again, this is what makes Idol fun. That, and the ever-crying Paula crying about seeing “her babies.”

It was a nice touch to bring out the now-grown-up David Archuleta stans, who, as young girls, were so disappointed at his second-place finish 14 years ago (Season 7). They could just as easily had me on to relive all the moments when my favorite Idolist lost, LOL.
One of those was My Girl Lauren Alaina from Season 10. She and that season’s winner Scotty McCreery got the Glory Spot to close the show, and all I could think about was the success they’ve both achieved after being on Idol as high school kids. Once again, that is why I watch.

As I said earlier, I had planned to write on some other things, which I’ll do briefly. Sunday night, Ryan mentioned that current Idolist Fritz Hager had the #1 album in the country. As of this writing, his EP is still on top of the iTunes Pop chart ahead of – hello – Olivia Rodrigo, Ed Sheeran, Adele, and Harry Styles. I’m listening to it now. It’s really good.

My Girl Jax (who should have won 2015’s Season 14) continues to make news with a feature in Variety.

Finally, while it’s painful bringing up Christian Guardino’s Doin’-Too-Much performance of Circle of Life on Sunday’s Disney night, it’s worth recalling the iconic version in Season 3 by Jennifer Hudson. Hard to believe she had the highest number of votes for this Top 9-week performance and was eliminated two weeks later.

It’s impossible to hear it and not think it’s JHud now – the Oscar-winning, two Grammy-winning, Emmy-winning, Golden Globe-winning JHud – rather than an unknown ex-Disney cruise ship singer. That’s how good this was.

“Jennifer Hudson blew. me. away.” (Idol mentor Sir Elton John)

See you soon.

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