Preparing for the Most Shock Ever

We interrupt this blog for more breaking news on the Flo-Olivia-Harry-Chris-Shia[1] situation. Not really. But the way that Jessie, and then the Evil Genius Producers (EGPs) previews made the last five minutes sound, it’s basically as hot a mess as the Don’t Worry Darling cast but with less famous people.

The previews – to the degree that our assumptions can be believed – seemed to blow up the previous three hours and 55 minutes of this week’s two episodes. So instead of comments, I have questions. Lots of questions.

What did Jason say to Gabby in the Fantasy Suite that was so terrible when just a few hours earlier, they seemed on the same page about going there to talk about what life could look like together unengaged outside of The Bachelorette bubble?

Why did Jason go through an audition process, accept a role and stay on a reality TV show that his personality – essentially in his own words – is not at all suited for?

How did things go so badly for Rachel and Zach in the Fantasy Suite? And why did each one give alternative explanations of where it went off the rails? Why did Zach mention religion and politics while she was focused on their one-year age difference?

Speaking of Zach, I need to work this in here from My Daughter Diandra’s (MDD) friend G, who texted this about Zach:

I can’t disagree.

Look, it’s exasperating that people come on a show that demands an engagement after knowing someone an hour and a half and then are shocked that they are being pressured to become engaged to someone after an hour and a half. Guys (Johnny, Jason) – if you don’t want to do something stupid, you can decide not to do something stupid. Just don’t be stupid by coming on a show with a stupid premise and no one will judge you (although Johnny seems to upping his profile by going on Paradise).

I also think all participants in The Bachelor franchise should sign some kind of contract that says the following: If I am lucky enough to meet the person of my dreams and am even luckier to spend a night alone as a couple in The Fantasy Suite, I hereby waive my right to complain about the person of my dreams spending the night alone as a couple with some other lucky person in a Fantasy Suite in the same resort as I’m staying in. I was the one who signed up for this.

Based on the previews, are things going to go off the rails again with Gabby and Erich or is this an EGP fakeout?

Who is one of the smuggest Bachelorette suitors ever and why is it Tino?

See you for the mess that’s coming next week. I can only hope the drama exceeds the high expectations that Jessie set for it. But . . .


P.S. This week’s viewing wine was the always excellent Gabrielle Ashley Cab.

[1] With a sour twist of FKA.

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