Hometown Bound

This week Zach’s journey to find his best friend continued in Budapest. That being said[1], it was for me the fastest-moving, most straightforward, and most entertaining chapter of the season. Here’s my recap.

Kaity gets the 1-on-1 that each of the other five girls desperately wants, especially Kat who really desperately NEEEEEEEEEEDS a 1-on-1. And before Zach and Kaity get to their non-dinner dinner, the other girls get the ominous Date Card Knock on the Door. Gabi, Charity, and Ariel get their names read, leaving combatants Brooklyn and Kat – great move by the Evil Genius Producers (EGPs) – wondering which of them will get the precious 1-on-1. The EGPs do Kat dirty by sending Brooklyn on the date which sends Kat into a downward swirl of self-destructive emotions.

Honestly, I wish it had been a 2-on-1 but as we’ll see later, Zach had his reasons for choosing Brooklyn.

Nothing remarkable happened on Zach’s date with Kaity. That being said (take a sip), the Group Date with the magician/mentalist – what’s the career path for that? – was very entertaining. Whether staged or actual dark arts, there was a sense of mystery and anticipation that was tantalizing as each of the four girls shared various inner fears and secrets. And Zach got to see Gabi for Gabi (take another sip), so she got the Group Date Rose (GDR).

Then we got the brief return of Greer who was used so that EGPs could do her dirty to make a cruel TV moment. She traveled either from the UK or Finland – it’s unclear where she contracted COVID – to Budapest when both Zach and the EGPs HAD TO KNOW by this late date with hometowns on the line that she had absolutely zero shot to make the Final Four. She was quickly but sympathetically dumped in a short amount of screentime that none of us needed[2].

Greer after flying all the way to Budapest and getting dumped.

Next up is Brooklyn’s 1-on-1 which from the start felt like it was given to her for Zach to figure out if they are really a thing. When he’s trying to figure that out a week before hometowns, it’s very likely that they are not a thing. Brooklyn gets the sad news at their non-dinner dinner, followed by the walk to the idling exit limo. That, and the inevitable removal of her packed bags.

With Greer and Brooklyn now gone, the only drama left for The Rose Ceremony is which one of these three will go home rather than to Hometowns: Ariel (no way), Charity (no way), and Kat (yeah way). If we’re lucky, Brooklyn and Kat will go to Paradise and continue their beef, hopefully over the same guy, and wouldn’t it be great if it was multi-dater Logan?

Next week is Hometowns and the always hot, buttered mess of Women Yell Tell All.

See you next week.

P.S. This week’s viewing wine was a rich and intense Las Vendimias 75 de Emilio Gonzalez, a Garnache and Tempranillo blend. Spanish wines are so reasonably priced for good quality.

[1] That, like, makes no sense, I know. Hopefully, you can see me for me.

[2] I would love to know the backstory on this. Greer no doubt wanted to get back into the game. But once she informed the EGPs of her desire to try, surely somebody would have asked Zach how he felt about that?

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