Really Dean?

So tonight I’m going to resist my tendency to over-analyze everything – in this case Bachelor In Paradise because this is a show that defies serious analysis. It’s really meant to allow its incredulous-nuss[1] to simply waft over you like a cool Mexican summer coastal breeze or to be drunk in like one of Well’s margaritas. So just a few observations from Monday’s episode 3.

Dean, Dean, Dean . . . so much drama! And such a bad move giving Girl #2 a sweet gift for her half-birthday after re-re-re-assuring Girl #1 that everything’s cool with you and her. Birthday would have been one thing. Maybe. OK, probably not. But a cake for a half-birthday is at a level of thoughtfulness for Girl #2 guaranteed to make you toxic to every girl in Paradise for the thoughtlessness it showed towards Girl #1. (Dang, there I go analyzing! I can’t help myself.)

Girl #2 is the stunning Danielle L. who’s appearance made me realize that basically I liked every girl from My Boy Nick’s season except for the one he picked. And when did she become D-Lo?

LaceyLacey. Dang, that rose ceremony dress. Killer. And she gave a rose to Diggy and his A-plus eyewear game both of which please me.

It’s still too easy so far for the emotionally intelligent Taylor and Derek, right?

Raven remains the Queen of Paradise but I am not Team Adam at all. I continue to hold out hope that she leaves Paradise single and comes back as the next Bachelorette.

Looks like we have some juicy stuff in the previews. I promise to try not to over-analyze it all but Chris interviewing Double Dealin’ D may push me over the edge.

Until the next time . . .


[1] -nuss is –ness to the nth degree.

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