(more) Tedium in Thailand

Seriously, can we just be done with this season already so we can move on to the madness and mayhem of Bachelor in Paradise aka “the Bachelor Nation Summer Vacation”? I’m even looking forward to next week’s Men Tell All as a respite from the tedium of this Bachelorette season even though the preening peacockiness of the men generally makes me feel bad about being a guy as I prefer to do my peacockiness without preening. But this year I have the ultra-preening Male Model Jordan to look forward to.

IMG_1098The unfortunate “star” of this episode was Jason who was both confused and blindsided by Becca’s breaking up with him. Apparently, love was everywhere but just not the where where he was. But how do you mend a broken heart? [Yes, cue the Bee Gees.] You return to the scene of the break-up to bring classy closure to the relationship and thereby establish your bona fides as the next Bachelor. Let ABC’s Twitter analysis, test polling, and focus groups begin!

The only other notable moment was Garrett’s trash-talky toast to he and Becca’s great love for each other after the Rose Ceremony WHILE HE WAS STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO BLAKE! I’m all about high quality trash but timing and appropriateness is everything, which we now know has been something of an issue for Garrett from his social media history.

Oh yeah, I had to chuckle when Becca told the guys that the last stop – after their requisite visits to receive her family’s blessing – is The Maldives to which everybody let out a huge cheer. I’ll give odds that none of them actually know where they are and that at least one of them would spell it “Maldeeves” trying to Google it.

Counting the days to Bachelor in Paradise . . .

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