Thanks Stevie Nicks. Thanks for Nothing WJLA.

Thanks to the local ABC affiliate WJLA, here is most of what I saw on Idol tonite.

Prior to the station’s (WJLA) outage, I saw a nice audition by Idol returnee, Alyssa Raghu who was eliminated in last season’s Top 24. Here is what I said about her in the next-to-last and last episodes from Hollywood Week last season :

  • Alyssa Raghu (Stay, Rihanna) My Daughter Cassandra and I have a sharp disagreement on this one. For me, her beautiful vocal tone, poised delivery and star-quality looks won me over. A-
  • Alyssa Raghu/Banners (Yellow, Coldplay) This was a horrible song for her and Banners was not a good duet partner for her, either. Alyssa has talent, attitude and pop star cuteness. At 15, she just needs to mature and as Lionel suggested, she needs to figure out her identity as a singer. C-

At least from this one audition, it seems that she has matured. It will be interesting to see if Alyssa can go farther than the Top 24 this season.

Last week I was raving (along with a lot of the Idol-sphere) about Alejandro Aranda who I was suggesting might be too good for Idol. Well it seems he caught the attention of a little singer I like to call Stevie Nicks who posted this about him on her Facebook page:


That’s quite the ringing endorsement!!

As always, my evaluation of Alyssa and Stevie’s gushing over Alejandro come with the usual disclaimer that audition performances are not indicative of future results.

Well thanks for nothing WJLA. Hopefully you’ll have your act together for the last night of auditions tomorrow night.

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