Hannah Gets Awkward – Again

fullsizeoutput_1c0eIt’s always awkward when you walk in on your “girlfriend” when she’s with her other “boyfriend” as he’s putting his clothes back on. I hate when that happens. It’s a shame that nobody’s ever written a country song for me to cue up. Maybe country singer (The Other Boyfriend) Jeb could write one. Or Cam could freestyle a rap about it. Or not.

Besides the suddenly less than pastor-like Luke P., whose 96-pack abs body was sculpted on Mount Olympus by Zeus himself, Always Be Cam Crashing the party Cam was the other star of episode 2. If he’s fullsizeoutput_1c20setting himself up as the villain, he’s certainly an Annoying Bothersome Conceited One. The rest of the guys are Appropriately Becoming Consternated[1] at his tiresome and constant intrusions and even Hannah was taken by surprise when he decides to grab some time with her DURING A GROUP DATE HE ISN’T ON!!!

Besides the antics of these two who have dominated the action so far, the other thing that stands out is a cast who are developing deep feelings for Hannah at an alarmingly fast rate. Can you guys slow your roll a bit? Can you wait more than, say, five minutes at a cocktail party before you’re dreaming of holding hands, imagining romantic walks and picturing your life together with a family? Or saying things like, “I may only get once chance at love and this might be it.” Luke P. has already thrown out the L-word multiple times. [cue Luther Vandross The Rush] Seriously??? IT’S JUST THE SECOND EPISODE!!


Where did they find these guys? And how many are looking to be cast in 90 Day Fiance´?

Other random thoughts:

Ima need this brother’s shirt. fullsizeoutput_1c11

I thought it was a good move to have Hannah and Tyler G. have their 1-on-1 dinner at the Roosevelt Hotel. The setting allowed us to recall her awkward dinner there with Colton during The Bachelor. In her new role as the hunted rather than the hunter, she got the chance to redeem herself and she was much cooler, calmer and collected this time around.

A key Bachelorette error is groups dates of “fun” activities that are hyper-competitive and wondering how someone in a group of hyper-competitive guys gets hurt. Fortunately, the injury to Dustin was minor and we still have the question of who is in the previews of the ambulance ahead of us.

Here are the three questions I have at this point:

  1. How long will the heat between Hannah and Luke P. [cue Foreigner Hot Blooded] be sustained?
  2. Who will emerge from the pack when/if it does?
  3. How many more weeks do we have to take of Cam before he’s Already Become Cancelled?

Until the next time . . .


[1] Probably not really a word.

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