What Will Hannah Do?

The original plan for this episode’s blog took a turn when with fifteen minutes left, I decided to re-watch what I had already seen from the beginning for reasons to do with the fact that I’m a great father to My Daughter Cassandra and for her benefit I started the show over from the beginning and now it’s really late and the end of the episode begged some real questions and I feel like I need to say something before tomorrow’s finale. We good?

First, I need to deal with my lament over the fact that Hannah B. didn’t give one of the final two roses to Peter, her self-described Ken doll. Oh well, they’ll always have the windmill. And the windmill. And the windmill. And the windmill[1]. Take me to the pilot, indeed. 🙂

No disrespect to Tyler but tonight’s drama was All About Jed and the cliffhanger of Hannah’s mysterious pronouncement about how she has so many unanswered questions over the last two months after the show’s filming ended. Is she pointing to the rumors of Jed’s girlfriend? Seems logical (although we know how Chris and the evil genius producers like to mess with us). But why would the rumors matter unless she chose him? And if she chose Jed, how did she reconcile all the concerns of her family? Her parents weren’t exactly enthused with Jed’s musical career and they hadn’t even heard how bad he is.

A dog food jingle? Seriously?
That ballet dancer contractor is so much hotter.

But if she chooses Tyler, that means she’s willing to sign up for a life of bizarre Hallmark card-isms such as:

  • “If we can overcome the challenge of riding horses together, we can overcome everything.”
  • “When we disagree on what color to paint a room, I want to be there with you.”

Uh, what?


THE SHOCKING ANSWERS to all of Hannah’s (and our) questions lies ahead.

Roll Tide.

P.S. Sorry to be so brief but it’s late and I have a flight to catch tomorrow.


[1] Was anybody else as uncomfortable with how excited Peter’s parents were with all the windmilling?

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