Is Peter the Problem?

Straight to the point – Peter is getting tiresome. He loves all the girls. He believes all the girls. He believes in all the girls. He so believes in all the girls that even when they screw up (which is quite often), he believes it’s his fault. Which, of course, is because he loves all the girls and he believes all the girls and he believes in all the girls. Dude doesn’t seem to have an objective nerve in his body.[1]

E5C42939-E084-41A4-8AD4-A30B002CD4EB(First mention of “journey” was three minutes into the show. I didn’t take a sip of anything. My bad for not having been prepared early enough in the show to have opened this Pinot Noir.)

It’s pretty clear that this season is struggling when the producers spent two hours on a fake drama and an insipid drama. The fake drama was Victoria F.’s whole “OMG I dated Chase Rice[2] who’s private concert I’m at.” It was fake in the sense that Peter, in his Olivia Newton John Hopelessly Devoted to You way, got all upset and then let her off the hook so easily. Because he loves her and believes her and believes in her.

That said, Chase actually isn’t here for the drama. My Crack Research Staff (Google) tells me that he was pretty upset that what he thought was a promo opp for his music was really the show using him just to be part of a story line[3]. Also, he seems to indicate their dating history was spending one night together in Charlotte.

This is rife with contradictions. Surely that one night was preceded by some amount of contact[4] prior, right? So how much contact? Enough to be dating in Victoria F.’s mind? She surely made it sound that way with a story about their lives going in different directions causing “the break-up”. That said, he didn’t seem to be nearly as upset as she was about randomly running into her again. This whole thing was weird and I’m concerned that the producers chose to make this was a major story line.

The second and most major drama (though still uninteresting) was The Return of Alayah – “drama has risen from the dead” said one of the girls – which dominated the episode. She’s back with a bullseye on her. She’s got beef with Victoria P. because they don’t know if their weekend in Vegas constitutes a friendship [cue War Why Can’t We Be Friends] ; and if it does [cue Culture Club Do You Really Want to Hurt Me], why do you (Victoria P.) treat me (Alayah) so badly?

She’s also got beef with Victoria P. over Alayah telling other girls about the Chase thing. And she has major beef with the girls over Football-gate. They got bruises. She comes in from the cold and got a rose.



(I couldn’t decide which meme I liked better)

Peter’s response to all the Alayah induced drama is, “I’m messing up so bad.” Duh.

Let’s be real. Even though we all hated Hannah B.’s Lukeness Monster, we acknowledge he made for good TV. Alayah is not in his league as a compelling villainess.

851CBCB1-7896-407B-B84F-494EE6EF191A_1_201_aKrazy Kelsey got a one-one-one which sent Mykenna into a frenzy which has me thinking she’s krazier than Kelsey. Kelsey got the routine date with fireworks [cue Katy Perry Fireworks] and after sharing her story of how her parent’s divorce made her the person she is today, Peter loves her and believes her and believes in her.


And he also said that he likes that Kelsey is “drama free.” Whuuuuuttttt? At this point I’m beginning to think I don’t want him to end up with My Girl Madison.

Oh yeah, the dates moved to Cleveland which got this type of reaction from the girls.


See you next week.

P.S. The bonus scene of Victoria P. and Peter playing hoops and she shouts, “Kobe.” To think that was filmed weeks ago. 😦


[1] For the Myers-Briggs folks, this is the Feeling function running amok. For the Strength Deployment Inventory folks, this is overdone Blue (People) strengths, particularly Devoted and Loyal. For non-personality assessment folks, he’s just a hot buttered mess.

[2] As always, they act like we’re supposed to be impressed by musicians who, in reality, nobody has heard of outside their friends and family. OK, to be fair, he did have a #1 Country song for a couple weeks. And I personally spend an unhealthy number of hours discovering undiscovered artists, so I won’t disparage such people. Still, the way The Bachelor franchise assumes we’re seeing something momentous is laughable.

[3] Don’t be so indignant, dude. It’s probably the most exposure you’ve ever had. Be thankful.

[4] Double-intendre intended.

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